About the Plus Programme

The Plus Programme aims to support the brightest and best students regardless of background and help them to succeed at university.

The programme helps students with the transition to student life through three strands of support:

  • Transition to higher education.
  • Student success (academic and personal)
  • Employability/progression to further study

The Plus Programme team work with your school and the support services across the University, to ensure you are accessing all the opportunities available to you during your time in Leeds. 

We do this by offering academic workshops, skills development opportunities and a range of social activities, including:

  • Fresher’s week social activities
  • Writing academically workshop
  • Time management workshop
  • Careers Centre sessions
  • Student support and opportunities fresher’s fair
  • Email alerts to fantastic job opportunities, including the Student Host role

We aim to ensure that students access all of the support available at the University and all of the opportunities available at Leeds. The programme will help you access support from your Faculty and School and opportunities and support available across the University to help you be the best student you can be, with the greatest graduate prospects.

You don’t even need to sign up to the Plus Programme, we’ll automatically enrol you onto the Plus Programme when you register at the University. You just need to keep an eye on your emails for messages or opportunities from theplusprogramme@leeds.ac.uk

Contact details

The Plus Programme team are based on campus. Find out how to contact them.

Educational Engagement, 18 Blenheim Terrace

The office is opposite the Laidlaw Library and next door to Tesco Express (near the Parkinson Building). 

We are here to help you throughout your time at University. We all sit in 18 Blenheim Terrace and work 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Our contact details are listed below if you want to get in touch.

To make an appointment or discuss any issues with the team please contact Lisa or Alex on the details below:

Lisa Firth, Scholarship and Plus Programme Administrator

Alex Ferguson, Plus Programme Administrator

0113 343 7669 / 0113 343 1831

Elen Davies, Scholarship and Plus Programme Officer

Daniel Bond,  Plus Programme Officer

Sarah Hearfield, Prostgraduate Support Scheme Officer and Plus Programme Co-ordinator