Frequently Asked Timetable Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked timetable questions along with guidance for common problems.

When will my module choices appear on my timetable?

  • Compulsory activities (taught activities such as most lectures that are not repeated therefore do not have alternative times). These will appear on your timetable the morning after you enrol online (provided you did so before 10pm).
  • Group activities (taught activities such as tutorials or practicals that are repeated and students are split into groups to attend one of a number of alternative times.) These are assigned from mid-July onwards. Before July, your timetable will not show any group activities (with a few exceptions). Because of this, modules without any compulsory activities may not show on your timetable at all.
  • Changed modules If you completed a Change of Module Enrolment form, the module will appear on your timetable the day after we add it to your student record. Go to “View Enrolled Modules” in Student Services to check this.

An activity on my timetable is displaying more than one module code

If multiple modules are taught together in the same activity, this activity may display all these module codes. Please refer to your module enrolments to identify which module is relevant to you.

My timetable is blank

Your timetable may show as blank between midnight and 7am if the system is updating your record with a new module. Please check again after 7am.

If you don't have any compulsory modules (or your compulsory modules don't have any compulsory activities), and you have not previously enrolled on any optional or discovery modules, your timetable will be blank until it has been updated to include your chosen modules.

I’m seeing an error message when I try to access my timetable

If you are a postgraduate student taking taught modules, you must complete one or more steps of the registration process and enrol on a module before your timetable can be created. If you do this before 10pm your timetable will be created overnight and you should have a timetable by the following morning.

If you enrolled on a module or started registration more than three days ago or are an undergraduate student, please email to report the error message, giving your full name and nine-digit student ID.

In the meantime, if you need timetable information for module enrolment, you can access a programme timetable from the Undergraduate Programme Catalogue. Use this with individual module timetables to check for clashes.

What does the information on my timetable mean?

A detailed explanation of the information you may find on your timetable can be found in the Understanding my Timetable Guide.

I have a timetable clash

Please email the Timetabler for your parent school, their email address can be found on the School Timetable Contact List; don’t forget to provide details of the clashing activity, (the activity name, and the week it clashes), along with your nine-digit student ID.

I have a query about the timetable for one of my chosen modules

Please email the Timetabler of the school offering the module, their email address can be found on the School Timetable Contact List. If you are concerned about a module not showing on your timetable, please wait until three days after it is added to your enrolment record before querying it.

I have a query about the module itself

Please contact your school.

I have another timetabling query

Email with any further queries about timetables.