How to access your timetable

Every student has a personalised timetable for their programme of study. You can access this through Minerva or our UniLeeds app on your mobile device.

Your personal timetable

When you look at your timetable, you will be able to see:

  • The start and finish time of your activity  
  • Location: where your session will be held. If the room name is underlined, you can click for more details. If no location is given, it means it has not been allocated yet.
  • Module code: clicking this will give you more information about the module.  
  • Type of teaching: whether the session is a lecture, seminar, tutorial etc.
  • Alternative times/drop-in session: you can see if the booking has any alternative times or if it’s a drop-in session where you attend just part of it. Click the link or contact your school for more information. 
  • Teaching week pattern: view the pattern by clicking the word “weeks”.

Accessing your timetable via Minerva

  • Log into Minerva using your username and password.
  • Click the timetable icon in the toolbar at the top right (available on every tab).

  • Choose the view of the timetable you wish to see (which academic year, in a weekly or semester view).

Access through UniLeeds app

Download the UniLeeds app for iOS from the App Store; for Android on Google Play; or for BlackBerry at BlackBerry World.