How to access your timetable

You can access your personal timetable in two different ways. Regardless of the way you check, you should check your personal timetable regularly as it is subject to change.

Your personal timetable

You can access your personalised timetable through Minerva through a laptop, PC or mobile device. You can also access it through our UniLeeds app using a mobile device.

Accessing your timetable via Minerva

  1. Log into Minerva using your username and password (you may need to complete the DUO security check).
  2. Select ‘MyTimetable’ under the ‘Tool and Other University Systems’ section of My Leeds tab. This will take you to MyTimetable. From here, you can either remain on the default mobile site (where you can see your upcoming activities) or navigate to the desktop site (where you have more viewing options).

  3. To navigate to the desktop site, go to the main menu (icon on the top left corner), scroll down and select ‘Go to desktop site’. Once on the desktop site, you can select day, week, month, or list from the tabs across the top of the page. To return to the mobile view, just select ‘Mobile’ from the top of the page.

MyTimetable allows you to sync your online timetable to your outlook calendar, see Connecting Calendar Options on the Leeds MyTimetable help website – you will be asked to login using your University of Leeds credentials before you can view this guide.

Access through UniLeeds app

Download and install the UniLeeds app for your device.

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