Leaving your research due to a change in circumstances

If your circumstances change and you need to leave the University or you are judged too ill to continue, there are processes in place to deal with these situations.

Leaving the University early

If you find it necessary to leave the University either temporarily or permanently before completing your studies, please discuss this with your supervisor, Director of Postgraduate Research Studies, or Graduate School. If it’s agreed that you should leave permanently then you will be given a leavers’ form (DOC) to fill out, available from your school and return it to your school with your student ID card.

Withdrawing from the University may affect your maintenance grant or scholarship so please contact your sponsor if you are thinking about leaving the University. 

If you wish to leave the University temporarily a request for an authorised absence or a suspension must be made.

Immediate temporary dismissal

If your faculty or school judges that you are suffering from serious ill health and are not taking sufficient steps to allay their concerns, the school can request that you are declared medically unfit to continue your study. A report will be made to the Secretariat. The case will then be forwarded to the relevant Pro-Vice-Chancellor for consideration. You will be consulted if circumstances allow.

International postgraduate researchers

The University is required to report international postgraduate researchers on a Student visa who leave or suspend to the Home Office. You must check your visa responsibilities before you leave.