Jury service

You may get called to do jury service when you're studying at Leeds. Find out what you should do if you are summoned. 

The normal expectation of Her Majesty's Courts Service (HMCS) is that everyone summoned for jury service will serve at the time for which they are summoned. However, that there will be occasions where this is not considered reasonable. 

If you're summoned for jury service, please contact your Personal Tutor (and Faculty/School SES Team) immediately to discuss your application for excusal. Applications for excusal from students during term-time, and particularly during examination periods, will be deferred in the first instance. However, only in extreme circumstances will a person be excused entirely from jury service. 
The University strongly advises that all students defer their summons.
If you are summoned for jury service during vacation but intend to work in order to meet financial or vocational commitments, you may also submit an application for excusal or deferral on the grounds of refused payment for loss of earnings.

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