Extending your visa in the UK

If you currently have a Tier 4 student visa and need more time in the UK as a student, you may be able to make an immigration application in the UK.

Please contact us about making an immigration application in the UK. We can book an appointment to check your application and documents and then we will then send your application to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for you if you choose to apply by post.

When to apply

You should begin to think about your immigration application two months before your visa expires. This will give you enough time to prepare everything properly and make the process less stressful. If you need more time to complete your current course, please contact us as soon as you are aware of this to discuss it further.

If you are applying in the UK you should always make your application before your current visa expires. If you apply your visa has expired you will be classed as an 'overstayer' and this could affect any future application you make.

You'll need to complete the application form and collect all the necessary supporting documents; we can't complete the application for you. Completing the form and collecting the documents may take you some time so start your preparation early.

Requesting a CAS - existing students only

Please note if you will be studying at the University of Leeds for the first time as a new student, you do not need to request a CAS via this method. Your CAS will be issued to you by the relevant Admissions team, please see our application page for further details regarding how it can be issued to you.

If you'll be staying on the same course, please contact us to discuss this as soon as you are aware that you require further time to complete it. To apply for further time to complete your course you'll need to request a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the International Student Advice team.

If you are an Undergraduate or Taught Postgraduate student please complete and return this CAS Request form and email it to the International Student Office.

If you are an Undergraduate student and you will be undertaking a Work Placement year or a Study Abroad year please complete and return this CAS Request form and email it to the International Student Office

If you are a Research student, please complete and return this CAS Request form and email it to the International Student Office.

When you email the form to us, please save the form electronically with your surname (in capitals) first and your forename second.

You must submit evidence of your finances with your CAS request form. This should be a scanned copy of a bank statement or a letter of official financial sponsorship. A CAS request cannot be authorised until you demonstrate that you have the documents to meet the UKVI financial requirements.

If your financial evidence meets the Tier 4 requirements then your request will be forwarded to Student Operations (for taught students) or Postgraduate Research & Operations (for research students) for them to issue the CAS. A CAS is usually issued within five working days of the request being received.

Doctorate Extension Scheme 

If you require a CAS to apply under the Tier 4 - Doctorate Extension Scheme (for completing PhD students only), please download the specific CAS request form for this application from our Working After Study page. 

Apply Online

Once you have the CAS, you should complete the online visa application form.  You should stop completing the form at the 'check your answers' stage to ensure that any amendments needed can be made when you have an appointment with an adviser.

Once you've completed the application form and it has been checked by an adviser at the International Student Office, you can then print and sign it. If you're applying by post, you'll need to bring it to the International Student Office with your supporting documents for us to send.

How can the International Student Office help me?

Once you've received your CAS, you must book an appointment at the International Student Office to have your visa application checked by an adviser. If you want to make your application by post, we will send your application for you. If you're applying in person, we'll be able to check your application before you go to your application appointment.

What documents do I need?

It's your responsibility to collect all the documents that you need for your application. All documents must be translated into English if they aren't in English already. If you have a document that requires translation, you can search for a translator. Depending on your situation you might need different documents to your friends. The application form will help to tell you which documents you need. You will need some, or all, of the following documents:

  • completed Tier 4 application form
  • current passport
  • payment for your application - you will need a debit or credit card to pay for your application
  • sponsor letter (if you are sponsored)
  • financial documents – bank statements, bank letters, savings books etc. You need to hold your funds for a minimum of 28 days and your bank statement must be no more than 31 days old on the date you make your application
  • if you are relying on money held in your parents’ bank accounts you will need: your original birth certificate with an official translation if not in English; your parents’ bank statements; a letter from your parents confirming they are supporting you
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
  • previous qualifications if mentioned in your CAS. If your CAS states that you are being "sponsored on the basis of progress to date" you do not need to provide qualification evidence
  • Evidence of successful completion of your previous course of study in the UK, if it is not the same as the qualification you used to obtain your offer.  
  • police registration certificate if applicable
  • ATAS certificate if applicable
  • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) if applicable
  • birth and marriage certificates for dependants (husband/wife and children) if applicable and only if they are applying as part of your immigration application.
  • Please note if you are from a low risk country you do not need to submit financial or academic documents with your application, but UKVI can make a request to see them during the application decision making process.

How much money do I need?

There are strict rules about how much money you need to have access to for your living expenses. You will need to show £1,015 per month for 9 months (£9,135) or for the remainder of your course, whichever is shorter, to meet Tier 4 maintenance requirements (living expenses), in addition to any outstanding tuition fees.

If you are a self-funded student and applying to extend your visa with your dependants in the UK, in the supporting financial evidence you will need to show that you have a minimum of £680 per month per dependant for the course extension period and the additional 4 months which is added to the end of the extension period to the Tier 4 leave by UKVI, up to a maximum of 9 months. 

You must hold the money in an account in your name, or a parent’s name, for a minimum period of 28 days before making your application.

You'll need to provide a bank statement or letter from your bank confirming that the money has been held for a minimum of 28 days. This letter or statement must be no more than 31 days old on the date that you make your application.

If you don't have the required amount, haven’t held it in your account for 28 days, or if you use a bank statement which is more than 31 days old, your application will be refused. 

In addition to the visa application fee, you are also required to pay an immigration health charge at the point of submitting your visa application. This is a mandatory fee and will apply to you and any of your family members applying to come to the UK with you. The charge will entitle you to free health services under the National Health Service (NHS) once you are inside the UK.

The Immigration Health Surcharge fee is now £300 per person per year and it will be charged for the maximum period of leave which could be granted under the immigration rules. For example, applying for a visa for a three year course would incur a £1,050 fee because a further 4 months is added to the end of a visa for courses of 12 months or more. 

The fee applies to applications made inside or outside the UK. Failure to pay the health surcharge will result in your application being refused or returned as invalid. When making this application, please enter your course start and end date OR enter your CAS start date as the course start date if your actual start date is a date in the past.

You are advised to ensure that in addition to having sufficient money available to cover the visa application fee, you also have access to a credit or debit card which can be used to pay the health charge online. There is no requirement to hold the health fee for 28 days or to provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover the health fee in the visa application. However if you are using the same account to pay the visa application fee and health charge as the one to evidence your tuition fees and maintenance, you should ensure that there is enough money available to cover everything.

How much does the application cost? 

Our service is free of charge to international students at the University of Leeds. However, UKVI charge a fee. Postal applications cost £475 and premium applications made in person cost £1,085.  The cost for each dependant is also £475 for postal applications and £1,085 for applications made in person.

How long will the process take?

Postal applications are usually decided within eight weeks of UKVI receiving the application. Applications made in person are normally decided within 10 working days of the appointment. During busy periods such as September and October, UKVI may not have enough in-person appointments, so you may need to send your application by post even if this isn't your preference.

On occasion UKVI can take longer than their published processing times for a decision to be made, therefore please do not book any flights until you have received your visa as this may lead to you requiring to cancel a flight booking.

Credibility interviews

You may be asked to attend a credibility interview as part of the application process. During this interview a member of UKVI staff will ask you about your course, where you study and your reasons for studying in the UK. The report of the interview will be sent to the officer making the decision on your application. If you are asked to attend such an interview you must do so (unless you have a good reason as to why you can't), otherwise your application is likely to be refused. 

What if my old visa expires before I get my new visa?

Don’t worry - you won’t be in the UK illegally. As long as you submit your immigration application before the expiry date of your current visa, you're entitled to remain in the UK, on the same conditions, while UKVI consider your application. It doesn’t matter how long UKVI take to make a decision.