Change of module

Once you have started your studies, you may decide you wish to change one or more of the modules you've registered for and there is a process to do this. 

If you are considering any change to the modules that make up your programme of study, you should discuss it with your parent school. Your parent school will then arrange for any other affected teaching school to consider the change. The change will only be authorised when all schools agree.

Once the change has been authorised, you need to request a change of module form from your parent school, and your parent school would need to sign it.

Whether or not you are permitted to change modules is likely to depend on a number of factors including:

  • a satisfactory attendance record
  • capacity in the proposed new module.

You cannot change your modules after the fourth week of teaching, unless there are exceptional circumstances. In this instance, any module changes after week four are subject to a £50 administration charge.

Semester 2 modules 

After you have taken semester 1 examinations, you may wish to change the enrolments for semester two from the choice you made at registration. To do this, you must approach your parent school to seek advice and, if appropriate, obtain the necessary permission.

If the changes are major and certainly if the changes involve a transfer to another programme, then your parent school would have to seek the permission of the relevant committee. It is important that all changes are made as soon as possible after the conclusion of the semester 1 examination period as semester 2 teaching begins immediately after these examinations finish.

If the changes are major or you miss a substantial amount of teaching, you may have to withdraw for the remainder of the session and rejoin the new programme at a convenient point during the following session. You may need to complete a leavers form which could have implications for the payment of student loans, grants and fees for sponsored students.