Transfer to another University

Sometimes students decide they have made the wrong choice and would like to transfer to a programme at a different University. This is normally possible.

First identify the University you want to transfer to. Contact them and find out if you can transfer the credits you have gained at Leeds to the programme you want to study. Most universities will allow this, but not necessarily for all programmes or at all levels of study.

For example, it might be easy to transfer into level 2, but not at level 3.

The important thing is to establish that they will accept you before you decide to leave your course at Leeds.

Once you know you will be accepted at your chosen University you should tell the Student Support Office in your school that you wish to leave. Your personal tutor may wish to speak to you to make sure you are not disadvantaging yourself and that you are sure you have made the right decision.

After that, you should complete a leavers form. You can apply for a transcript of the credits you have gained at Leeds which you will need to provide to your new University as a record of your prior learning.  

Your new University will inform the Student Loans Company and calculate your tuition fee based on when you transferred, and how much of your Tuition Fee Loan has been paid to Leeds. Use the 'Transferring from one University to another' section on the Changes in Circumstances webpage for further information. If we have already received an instalment of your tuition fee from the Student Loans Company, your new university will not charge you again for that term, but you'll need to make sure you check in with their Student Finance department as soon as you arrive.

If you are an international student with a Tier 4 visa and are transferring to another University, you will need to check that they will assign you a new Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). You will need to leave the UK to make another visa application. Make sure to email the Student Visa Advice team if you have any questions.