When to enrol on your modules

Module enrolment takes place during specific dates, depending on your level of study. When you enrol on a module, it automatically feeds through to Minerva overnight. 

Enrolment closing dates vary by parent school, please view the closing date for your school by clicking to the school specific closing dates. These pages also list where there’s an exception to the opening date for specific schools. Some schools run an offline enrolment process. For further information, you can contact your school

Module enrolment dates 2024/25

Type of Student

Opening times (10am)

Closing times (midnight)

Returning undergraduates

Optional Modules: 

Tues 14 May – students moving into year 3 and above

Wed 15 May – students moving into year 2

Discovery Modules:

Tues 23 July

Mon 2 September or Fri 11 October 

School specific closing dates


New undergraduates

Optional and Discovery Modules: 

Mon 2 September (all schools except Chemical and Process Engineering)

Fri 27 September or Fri 11 October

School specific closing dates

Taught Postgraduates

(new & returning)

Mon 2 September (all schools except Transport Studies, Chemical and Process Engineering and Marketing programmes within the Business School)


School specific closing dates

Can I change my module(s)?

The module enrolment area within Student Services is available for a specific time period, dependant on your year, level of study and programme. If you wish to amend your module choices you can return to Student Services during this time period, where you can enrol upon alternative choices and drop modules you no longer wish to study. Please be aware that any module space you drop will immediately be released to other students. 

If you are considering any changes after online module enrolment has closed, you will need to complete a change of module form. The change has to be approved by the teaching school(s) of the new and old module, along with your parent school. 

Do I need to enrol for all my modules?

You only need to enrol for optional and discovery modules, compulsory modules will be automatically added to your record. If your programme is made up of purely compulsory modules, you don’t need to complete module enrolment. For more information about your programme and its requirements, see the module and programme catalogues

Study abroad students

You should have enrolled on modules before you arrived in Leeds. You are not eligible to enrol using the online module enrolment system and will get an error message if you try to. If you want to change any of your module choices or you've had problems with enrolment, contact the relevant study abroad coordinator or contact the study abroad office directly.