When to enrol if you're a taught postgraduate

These are the online module enrolment dates for taught postgraduate students starting their course in January.

Online enrolment has now closed for students whose course started in September. Students considering changes after online module enrolment has closed will need to complete a change of module form.

Some Schools run an offline enrolment process. For further information, you can contact your School.


Opening times

(10am UK time)

Closing times

(midnight UK time)

Biological Sciences Masters 2-Dec-20 22-Jan-21
Biomedical Imaging and Healthcare Science N/A N/A
Business School (Marketing programmes) 2-Dec-20 08-Jan-21 
Business School (all other programmes) 2-Dec-20 15-Jan-21
Chemical and Process Engineering 2-Dec-20 22-Jan-21
Chemisty (and Colour Science) 2-Dec-20 22-Jan-21
Civil Engineering 2-Dec-20 22-Jan-21
Computing 2-Dec-20 22-Jan-21
Design Offline Offline
Earth and Environment 2-Dec-20 22-Jan-21
Education 2-Dec-20 15-Jan-21
Electronic and Electrical Engineering 2-Dec-20 22-Jan-21
Epidemiology and Biostatistics N/A N/A
Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies N/A N/A
Food Science and Nutrition 2-Dec-20 22-Jan-21
Geography N/A N/A
History N/A N/A
Languages, Cultures and Societies N/A N/A
Law 2-Dec-20 15-Jan-21
Leeds Institute of Health Sciences N/A N/A
Mathematics 2-Dec-20 22-Jan-21
Mechanical Engineering 2-Dec-20 22-Jan-21
Media and Communication 2-Dec-20 22-Jan-21
Medicine N/A N/A
Music 2-Dec-20 15-Jan-21
Performance and Cultural Industries 2-Dec-20 15-Jan-21
Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science  N/A N/A
Physics and Astronomy 2-Dec-20 22-Jan-21
Politics and International Studies 2-Dec-20 15-Jan-21
Sociology and Social Policy 2-Dec-20 15-Jan-21
Transport 18-Feb-21 15-Mar-21