How to enrol on your modules

If you are studying on a programme which requires you to choose optional or discovery modules, you will complete this first-come, first-served process online through Student Services.

Enrolment opening dates for 2019

Students entering Year 3 or above will be able to enrol online from 11am on Tuesday 14th May and students entering year 2 will be able to enrol online from 11am on Wednesday 15th May. History modules will be available from 11am on Thursday 16th May.

Closing dates for new undergraduates and dates for all other students can be found on the when to enrol page.

How to enrol on your modules

1. Visit Student Services via

Log in only once, on one device. A second attempt will log you out of your first session.



2. Navigate through each of the five steps of the module enrolment checklist in order to complete the process.

module log in

When you've confirmed your module enrolment, a confirmation email will be sent to your University email address. 

For more help please visit our module enrolment guide.

If you have technical issues with the module enrolment system please email us at