Qualifications checks - where to take your documents

If you're a new student, find out where to take your qualification documents below.

Undergraduate courses

Take your documents to your school reception as listed below:

Biological Sciences: Main Reception, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Irene Manton Building

Business: GM.01, Maurice Keyworth Building

Chemical and Process Engineering: Reception, ground floor in the Chemical & Process Engineering Building

Chemistry: Admissions Office, Room 9.29, School of Mathematics

Civil Engineering: Student Support Office, G.16 (ground floor), Civil Engineering Building

Classics: Room 2.19 (floor 2), Michael Sadler Building

Computing:  Room 9.10, (floor 9) EC Stoner Building Entrance 1

Dentistry: Student Education Office, Room 6.021 (floor 6)  Worsley Building 

Design: Room G19 (ground floor), Clothworkers Building South 

Earth & Environment: Room 9.18 (floor 9), Priestley Building

Education: Foyer, Beech Grove House

Electronic and Electrical Engineering: Student Support Office, room G.69 (ground floor), Electronic and Electrical Engineering Building

English: Room 2.19 (floor 2), Michael Sadler Building (postgraduate outside main registration to School of English G.03)

Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies: Room G19 (ground floor), Clothworkers Building South 

Food Science and Nutrition: Admissions Office, Room 9.29, School of Mathematics

Geography: Room 9.18 (floor 9), Priestley Building

Healthcare: Student Support Office, first floor, Baines Wing

History: Room 2.19 (floor 2) Michael Sadler Building

International Foundation Year: International Foundation Year Office 12.02 Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building

Languages, Cultures and Societies: Room 2.19 (floor 2), Michael Sadler Building

Law: Foyer, Beech Grove House

Life Long Learning Centre: Reception, floor 11, Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Building

Mathematics: Admissions Office, Room 9.29, School of Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering: Student Support Office, Room 4.41 (floor 4), Mechanical Engineering Building

Media and Communication: Room G19 (ground floor), Clothworkers Building South
(postgraduate students outside main registration to G11, Clothworkers Building North)

Medicine: MBChB students: Student Education Office, Room 7.09 (floor 7), Worsley Building
All other students: 8.01 (floor 8), Worsley Building

Medieval Studies: Room 2.19 (floor 2), Michael Sadler Building

Music: Reception, Room G.04 (ground floor) School of Music

Performance and Cultural Industries: Reception, Performance and Cultural Industries Building  

Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science: Room 2.20 (floor 2), Michael Sadler Building

Physics and Astronomy: Admissions Office, Room 9.29, School of Mathematics

Politics and International Studies: Foyer, Beech Grove House

Psychology:  Room G01, Psychology Building

Sociology and Social Policy: Foyer, Beech Grove House

Transport Studies (postgraduates only): G.13, Geography East

Taught postgraduate courses (Masters)

Take your documents to the Taught Postgraduate Admissions team as follows:

  • 13 - 28 September 2018: LG.16, Michael Sadler Building.
  • All other times: in School Offices (locations above in undergraduate listings).

Postgraduate Research programmes

Graduate School offices are able to check your documents, or you can take them to the Student Services Centre in the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff building.