Obtaining a student card remotely

This page gives guidance on the remote student card service. 

This page was last updated on 8th October 2020. Please regularly check this page for updates. New information will be added as it becomes available.

Replacement student cards

Replacement student cards are now available. Please place your order via the Student Card Order Form.

The Form contains options for different types of student – returning students, distance learning students, part time students, etc.  

Your student card will be posted to the address listed on the form. Note, the card functions as a way of accessing campus facilities (the Library, the Edge, etc) and student-discounted travel in the UK. We are not able to post to international addresses.  

Please read the form carefully before placing your order. After you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation email from no_reply_ssc@leeds.ac.uk. 

On-campus Students

You can collect your new student card on campus, after you have completed your remote identity check. Please see our student card page.

If you need a new appointment for card collection, you can use the Student Card Order Form to obtain the latest list of card collection appointments.

Expired Cards

If the date on your student card is in the past, you can still use it, as long as you are still a registered student. Your student card will last for the duration of your current course at the University, regardless of the expiry date on the card (if present). If you're a current student whose course has been extended (e.g. students who have intercalated, taken a year abroad or in industry) and your student card has expired, your card will still work.  

When you submit an order for your replacement student card, you will have to provide a photo of your current card to evidence that it is still in your possession and you have not lost/destroyed your card