How to complete your identity check

If you're a new student, you'll need to complete an online identity check. Find out what you will need and how to complete your online identity check.

Every new student attending the University of Leeds must complete an online identity check. By completing the online identity check, you are proving to the University of Leeds that you have the right to study at this University. For students receiving a student loan, it will also mean the Unviersity can confirm your attendance to the Student Loans Company, when you have completed both online registration and the online identity check. 

Online identity check documents

All students will need to provide their student number, a passport style photograph and scans or photographs of the following documents, depending on what type of student you are:

British students:

  • passport - British students without a passport will need to provide a birth/adoption certificate with a completed Identification Verification form
  • Driving licence and ‘Notification of Entitlement’ letter from the Student Loans Company (only available for students with approved tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company)

EU/EEA students:

  • passport or national identity card

International students:

  • passport and immigration permission documents

You can find out more about the above documents on our what you'll need to register page

When to submit your online identity check documents

British students: You can complete this from 30 days before your official start date, or when you are able to start your online registration. 

EU/EEA students: You can complete this from 30 days before your official start date, or when you are able to start your online registration. 

International students: You must have arrived in the UK in order to complete the online form. Most international students will need to show evidence of the date that they entered the UK and you cannot do this if you are in your home country. You should still complete online registration in full.
If you will not be arriving in Leeds for the start of your programme, you must notify your School using the Late Arrival Notification form. Your School need to have granted you permission for you to study remotely for part of the year. If your School have approved a late arrival date for you, you will receive an extension to your identity check deadline in line with your approved late arrival date.

How to submit your identity check documents

When you have photographs or scans of the required documents, upload them to our online identity check service.  You can also use this QR code to access the form from your smart phone:

QR code links to online identity check from

Scan this QR code with your smart phone to open the online identity check form.


What happens when you have submitted your identity check documents

University staff will process the documents and will contact you by email if they need to obtain any additional information. If no further information is needed:

Britsh/EU/EEA students: You will receive an email invitation to book a time to collect your Student Card. The booking takes place through EventBrite.

If you have also completed online registration, and have an approved Student Loan, a notification will be sent from the University to the Student Loans Company to allow any support or payments to be released.

International students: If you need to collect your BRP from the University of Leeds, you will receive an email invitation to book a time to collect your Student Card and BRP. This invitation will be sent after the University has received and processed your BRP, and this has been checked against the documents you have uploaded online. It can take around a week for your BRP to be processed after it reaches the University, so do not worry if you don’t recieve an invitation straight away; please be patient. 

If you are an international student and you do not need to collect your BRP from the University (because you have collected this somewhere else in the UK), or if you are not studying on a Tier 4 visa, you will receive an email invitation to book a time to collect your Student Card only.

Students not based on campus

You can apply for your student card and verify your identity online if your programme is a distance-learning programme (online only), or if you are a part time learner. Students who intend on travelling to Leeds at any point in the year for a full time-programme will not be able to use this service. 


Student Card

The student card is not a requirement for completing registration, but you have the option of booking an appointment to collect one. Collection of student cards will be on campus, and you need to have submitted your identity check documents before you will be invited for an appointment to collect a student card.  You can find out more on our student card webpage

If you need to collect a BRP at the University, this happens at the same time as collecting your student card.