What you will need to register

To help make sure that you have the right documents and information to complete your registration, we’ve outlined what you will need for each step of registration based on the type of student you are.

This page gives details on required information and documentation for registration. For more details on the process, see our webpages about how to register and how to complete your identity check.  

New students

Part A - online registration   

To complete online registration, you will need:

  • Student number: this is the nine digit number on your offer letter, your welcome letter/email, or your applicant portal (for postgraduates). This will be used to retrieve your IT username and password.
  • Fee payment information: if you are sponsored, you will need to provide a sponsor letter to Sponsors@leeds.ac.uk. If you are not sponsored, you may need to pay your fee, provide your UK bank account details or evidence of your support from Student Finance. If you don’t already have a UK bank account, we have provided further guidance about opening a UK bank account.
  • Address details: you will be asked to confirm your home, term time and emergency contact address details and telephone numbers during online registration.

Your original academic qualifications may need to be verified in person before you can access online registration. More information will be provided to those who need to provide further documentation as part of the registration process.

Part B - online identity check

Please see our guidance on completing identity checks

To complete your online identity check, you will need to be in the UK and have the following official identity documents:

  • UK and Ireland students 

    • passport - British students without a passport will need to provide a birth/adoption certificate with a completed Identification Verification form (PDF download)
    • Driving licence and ‘Notification of Entitlement’ letter from the Student Loans Company (only available for students with approved tuition fee loan with the Student Loans Company)
  • International students (including EU/EEA) – passport and immigration permission documents (see below)

    • Passport with correct endorsed Leave to Enter vignette for Tier 4/Student Visa students (see BRP requirements below),
    • Share Code if you have received digitalised immigration permission,
    • Passport with other immigration permission (stamp or vignette) for non-Tier 4/Student Visa students, 
    • Indefinite or limited Leave to Remain, Refugee or Asylum Seeker status cards, 
    • BRPs showing other status eg Tier 2 or dependant.  

BRP requirements for international students

If you have requested to collect your BRP from the University, you only need to upload your passport and immigration permission documents for your online identity check once you’ve arrived in the UK. You'll be sent an email from us with details of when and where you can collect your BRP.
If you are collecting your BRP from elsewhere, you will need to have collected this first, and upload a copy of your BRP with your passport for your online identity check. 

Once you have completed your identity check, you will be invited to book an appointment collect a student card. Check our Student Card webpage for further information. 

Returning students (including students completing a year abroad or in industry)

You can complete online registration through Student Services (studentservices.leeds.ac.uk). You will still need to do this if you're doing a year abroad or in industry. 

Please note if you are:

  • Returning from temporary leave: confirm your return with your School before you register. If your student card has expired, complete online registration before exchanging your old card for a new one. 
  • Returning from temporary leave due to medical reasons: you’ll also need to provide a "fit to return" medical note to your school before you can register. 
  • An international student who is resitting or has taken temporary leave: contact the International Student  Advice and Support team for advice on your visa requirements.
  • Resitting your year as an external student: you should have applied to take your resits but will not need to complete online registration (you are considered "not registered" as an external student) 
  • Returning from a period of suspension (Postgraduate Researchers only): your Graduate School will contact you to confirm your return to studies and detail any documents you may need to provide.

You can find out more about the registration process on our how to register page.