International Pathways Centre

Welcome to the International Pathways Centre! Here you will find everything you need to know about your studies. 

We’ve also included some helpful links and contact details. 

I’m a new student                 

What do I need to do before I arrive?

You will have received a letter from our admissions team with information about what you need to do before arriving in Leeds to begin your programme. Please read this carefully and follow the guidance provided to you. 

You are expected to arrive in Leeds in time for the induction programme. If however, you have a genuine reason why you are not able to arrive on time, you must contact us to discuss this as soon as possible.

View our term dates.

If you’re coming to Leeds from outside the UK, you’ll find useful information on our Preparing for Leeds webpages, including information about booking our arrival services.

Check out the support to help you prepare for your arrival in Leeds 

If you have any questions about arriving, please contact  

What does my induction timetable look like?

Your induction timetable will include a variety of on-campus sessions and welcome activities to help you settle in and prepare to start your studies. Your timetable will be provided to you via email, ready for the start date of 25 September 2023.

Will I be required to attend face to face sessions?

All students are expected to be on campus to attend sessions face to face. You will take modules in different schools within the University of Leeds. Each school and your Module Manager/lecturer will provide you with more detail about which sessions are face to face and which are online.

Where can I go for support? 

Throughout your induction and your programme, if you need any help or advice don’t hesitate to ask the International Pathways Centre (IPC) Student Education Service team. You can also contact the Student Information Service.

For questions about teaching or pastoral support, email the Student Support team: You can email them with questions about issues including:

  • module enrolment
  • exams
  • assessment and assignments
  • mitigating circumstances
  • wellbeing
  • mental health
  • disabilities.

Please include your University of Leeds student ID number in your email to help us assist you quickly. 

If your query is related to a specific module, we recommend that you contact the Module Manager, who will be listed on your module’s Minerva page. 

How will I find out more about my programme?

Find general information about your programme on the International Foundation Year website.

Find detailed information about your programme on the Module and Programme Catalogue.  

Once you have completed your Registration, you will be able to view the Minerva page for each of your modules. These pages will provide you with unique information about each module that you are studying within the foundation year. 

You will also receive important information through Minerva announcements and emails to your University of Leeds email account.  

How will I get to know other students?

If you are arriving early, make sure you join our Summer in Leeds programme activities.

Taking part in welcome and social activities alongside your compulsory classes is an extremely important part of the University experience, so we strongly encourage you to engage with these opportunities throughout the year.  More information about these activities will be provided on Minerva and by email.   

You can also find out more information about meeting people at the University of Leeds

What welcome activities do you have planned to welcome me to the International Pathways Centre (IPC)?

Your induction timetable will provide full information about the IPC welcome activities in induction week. This will include important on-campus lectures and welcome activities.

You will also have the opportunity to attend on-campus social sessions throughout semester one.

We expect your full participation in this programme, so please ensure that you remain fully available throughout induction.

Are there any specialist software or systems that I need for my programme and where do I find out information about it?

As a student at the University of Leeds, there are some pieces of software that will be particularly useful. You will be able to find out about these when you complete your Student IT Induction. 

We recommend that you keep up-to-date with your timetable and Minerva by downloading the UniLeeds mobile app. You should also become familiar with MS Teams, which can be accessed via Office365.

If specialist software or systems are required for your individual modules, you will be informed about this once you begin your programme.

What is the role of course representatives and how do I volunteer?

Course representatives (or course reps) are expected to liaise with their peers on their programme, submit items for discussion in Student Staff Partnership Forums, and present these in meetings. Course reps should attend all Student Staff Partnership Forums.  

Find out more about being a course rep.

Course reps from each programme are elected at the beginning of the year. Being a course rep is an excellent way of developing your personal and professional skills, as well as enhancing your CV.  We are looking for people who are proactive, good at motivating others and enjoy representing their fellow students and their programme.

If you are interested in becoming a course rep, please email us as soon as possible at  with a short paragraph to say why you are interested in the role. You do not have to wait until you arrive in Leeds to express your interest.

Are there any societies I can join for the school/programme?

As the IFY leads to many different areas of study within the University of Leeds, there is not just one society for an IFY student. There are, in fact, over 300 clubs and societies, covering a range of subject areas and interests that you can choose from. 

More specifically, the Leeds University Union has more than 60 academic societies you can join, ranging from Accounting & Finance to Zoology.  You can also search through the academic-related societies on the LUU website.  Find a club or society.

How does assessment work on my programme?

The type of assessments you take will vary from module to module and may include laboratory reports, in-class tests, essay submissions, pieces of design work, presentations or closed book exams. Some will be submitted during the semester or you may take exams during the University exam periods. The details of assessment types and their weightings are in the module descriptor, which will be available on Minerva after you have registered. 

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