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Welcome to Lifelong Learning! Here you’ll find everything you need to know about starting your studies.

Make sure you read the ‘all students’ info first – this covers things like tasks you need to complete before the start of term, safety procedures on your course and where to go for more information or support. 

Then scroll to the section that applies to you – ‘new student’ or ‘returning student’. We’ve also included some helpful links at the bottom to direct you to anything else you might need. 

All students:

What do I need to do before I arrive?

If you’re a new student you’ll be sent a welcome guide with details of what you need to know and prepare in the first few weeks, useful contact details, key buildings to help you find your way around campus and handy checklists so you can be sure you don’t miss anything. You’ll also receive a link to the University’s online induction package and some detailed information about specific events for your chosen study programme. 

If you’re a returning student keep a look out for messages from your programme team about welcoming you back to your next year of study.  

How will I have my say on my programme and school? 

There will be lots of opportunities for you to give us feedback. There are formal surveys at the end of modules and each year plus lots of discussion during your studies to check how things are going. We also have Course and School Representatives who you can contact to provide feedback on your behalf. Here are some of the ways you can have your say:  

  • At module level there will be an opportunity to discuss how the module is going and module leaders will explain how this will operate on each programme.  
  • A student staff forum will take place each semester - course reps for each year of the programme will be invited to work collaboratively with staff to discuss issues and agree actions.   
  • School student staff forum (SSF) - student reps from each programme will be invited to a cross programme event where they can work collaboratively with students from other programmes and staff across a range of roles in the LLC to identify key priorities for the year.   
  • Ad hoc student staff forums - course reps can raise issues with the school reps throughout the year. The aim is to work collaboratively to agree a way forward. A brief summary and actions will be shared with all students.  

Where can I go for support?

There are lots of ways to access support at the University. Your Academic Personal Tutor and programme Manager/Leader will be able to support you with issues related directly to your programme. We also have a dedicated Student Education Service (SES) who will offer support to all LLC students and can advise on all University processes from enrolment to graduation and, whatever the situation, will help you find the right person to talk to. This will be explained in more detail at induction and you will be given details of key contacts. If you want to raise anything prior to induction here are some suggested contact points:   

  • If you have a general query, please call 0113 343 3212 or email to contact our Welcome Desk. 
  • For more confidential or detailed enquiries, Paul Devlin is the LLC Student Support Officer and can be contacted on 0113 343 2609 or by email 

The University has a network of support and pastoral care to help you make the most of your time here and to help you through any difficulties. You can find out about our support services through the UniLeeds app or at  

Leeds University Union also offers free, confidential and impartial advice and can help you with any problems you may face during your life as a student; visit their website.

If you have an existing mental health diagnosis, we can provide one-to-one support, develop appropriate support plans, or put you in contact with other professionals in the area. 

For more information about Disability Services email or visit 

If you need any IT help, the IT service desk staff are available to support you. You’ll find the most recent information online at, including how to book a face to face appointment. You can also contact the IT helpdesk through calling 0113 343 3333 or by emailing

Are there any specialist software or systems that I need for my programme and where do I find out information about it?  

We’ve got a range of online technology in place to facilitate learning. We’ll support all students to access and learn how to use the technology so don’t worry if you are not familiar with any of this in advance. You can also complete our IT Induction in your own time prior to starting in September.

I’m a new student: 

What does my induction timetable look like? 

Your induction will be made up of some online activities but generally you will come onto campus for events and to meet your teaching staff and fellow students. You’ll receive details of your induction timetable from your programme team. Some things will be flexible for you to work through at your own pace but we’ll also make sure you have some interactive sessions to get to know people and have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. 

How will I meet my academic personal tutor? How will academic personal tutoring work? 

All students will be assigned an Academic Personal Tutor who they will meet 3 times per year, in line with the LeedsforLife expectations. There will also be regular contact in between, which could be via modules, group meetings or email. This may differ depending on your mode of study as we have part-time, full-time and apprenticeship programmes, but you can approach your Academic Personal Tutor in the first instance for all matters relating to your studies and university life. Some programmes also have personal tutor groups and this will be explained at induction.  

Further information on how academic personal tutoring will work in LLC can be found here

How will I find out more about my programme? 

Your Programme Manager/Leader will write to you with initial details of your programme and an outline of induction activities. Our induction programme will give you more detailed information and lots of help and support to make sure you understand what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. 

How will I get to know other students? 

There will be opportunities to get to know other students both online and face-to-face. This will include educational and social activities during induction and ongoing throughout your studies. A lot of these will focus on getting to know students in your cohort but there will also be opportunities to meet students across the LLC through our events and across the University through the Leeds University Union (LUU).  We will tell you more about how to join events at induction.  

We also offer a range of different activities and groups such as, a choir, a craft group, a Mature Student Hour, and family events. We’re also interested to hear about what else you would like us to provide. Keep an eye on the regular LLC Newsletter for more information.  

Before the start of term we will be inviting you to sign up to a chat app called Discord. This messaging app will introduce you to students on your programme and across the LLC before the start of the academic year and will continue to be available as you work through the year. This is an informal space where you can share your experiences and get to know one another in groups through direct messaging, audio and video. Jenni Whitfield will be in touch with you, so do look out for an email  and check your junk folder regularly, just in case.  

Across the University there are events for all students which cater to a wide range of interests. Watch LUU’s welcome talks and find out more about your Freshers’ experience at There are over 300 student-led sports clubs, faith and culture groups, volunteering and special interest societies you can choose from. They’re a great way to meet new friends and socialise with people on your course. If you want to find out which might suit you, try LUU’s 60-second quiz at

What welcome activities do you have planned to welcome me in Lifelong Learning? 

You will receive details of events for your specific programme, and in addition the LLC also have a range of optional welcome events planned including:

  • Welcome event for mature and part time students
  • Welcome event for all new LLC students
  • Family event  

Keep an eye on your University email account and the Lifelong Learning Centre’s social media channels for more information about these.

What is the role of course representatives and how do I volunteer?

Each course has a representative who will represent your views throughout the year and contribute to LLC Student Staff Forums. We’ll be asking for volunteers in the first few weeks of October.   

Are there any peer mentoring schemes operating in my school?  

Some courses offer the opportunity to make contact with experienced students. If you are interested in having a mentor, please contact your Programme Manager/Leader. The Discord chat app will be a way of getting to know other students informally and this can be helpful in developing informal mentoring relationships. If you want to develop something more formal, you can also raise this with your school rep or the LLC on  

How will I be able to provide feedback on the delivery of my modules? 

You’ll get to complete a module evaluation survey at the end of each module and a programme evaluation survey at the end of each year. Outcomes from these surveys will be shared with students together with actions we will take in response to your feedback.  

How does assessment work on my programme and what support is provided with academic skills? 

Details of assessment for each module are explained on Minerva so that you have a clear understanding at the beginning of each module what will be required. Assessment methods differ and are relevant to your disciplinary area. There are opportunities for formative feedback during each module to help you prepare for your final assessments.  

Academic Skills is embedded in the delivery of each programme and additional support is offered by the LLC Skills team who you might have met during Kickstart and can contact at We’ll explain more about the support they offer during induction. There are also lots of online resources to help you develop your academic skills, like taking notes, searching for information, writing and referencing, as well as managing your time. Get some useful tips from the Skills@library team before you start your studies at 

I’m a returning student: 

How will my programme be delivered this year?

Your programme team will be in touch with specific details about when you should attend on campus and how to access any online taught sessions.  

How will I engage with other students?

We are making sure that there will be opportunities to continue to engage with other students. This will include educational and social activities throughout your studies. A lot of these will focus on working with students in your cohort but there will also be opportunities to meet students across the LLC through our events and across the University through the Leeds University Union (LUU). Take a look at the New Student section on ‘How will I get to know other students?’ for details.   

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