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Welcome to the School of Geography! Here you’ll find everything you need to know about starting your studies. Make sure you read the ‘all students’ info first – this covers things like tasks you need to complete before the start of term, safety procedures on your course and where to go for more information or support.

Then scroll to the section that applies to you – ‘new student’ or ‘returning student’. We’ve also included some helpful links at the bottom to direct you to anything else you might need.

If you’re a postgraduate researcher, find your faculty welcome and induction information to help you get started

All students:

What do I need to do before I arrive?

If you’re a new student you’ll need to register from the 2nd September and read the welcome letter that we have sent to you.  

If you’re a returning student remember to register before the next academic year begins and check your emails, so you know when your beginning of year meeting will take place. 

Anything else you need will be emailed to you before the academic year starts. 

Will I be required to attend face-to-face sessions? 

Face-to-face tutor meetings are being planned with your tutor. 

How will practical or lab sessions be managed? 

Practical and/or laboratory sessions will be face-to-face in semester 1. Computer practicals will be delivered remotely, and laboratory sessions will be rotated, or scheduled for later in the semester. In semester 2, we aim to have more practical and laboratory sessions face-to-face. If social interaction still isn’t allowed, we’ll have equivalent and engaging online activities available. 

How will I have my say on my programme and school? 

There are lots of ways to have your say and we want to hear your voice! 

You can become a champion to help guide induction, guide and support wellbeing or be the voice for equality and inclusion. 

There’s the option to be a course representative and attend the student staff forums where you’ll be able to speak to programme leaders and the Director of Student Education about your programmes. You will be the voice of your cohort for your programme to raise any areas of improvement and help shape the courses by providing feedback for discussion. 

You may also want to be a school representative and sit on higher level meetings within the school to represent your peers as well as working with LUU in the wider University setting. 

Where can I go for support?  

For any non-academic or administrative queries, you can contact the Geography Student Education Service team at If you’d like to speak to someone, let us know your phone number when you email, and we’ll call you if we can. Otherwise, we’ll answer by email. 

If you’re struggling with a personal issue which could affect your studies, our Student Support Officer is Claire Gorner and is available on  

Introductions from your Head of School, Director of Student Education, or Programme Leader are on Geography Flying Start page

I’m a new student:

What does my induction timetable look like? 

View your induction timetable here.

How will I meet my academic personal tutor? How will academic personal tutoring work?

You’ll be contacted by email to arrange your first meeting. This first meeting may be virtual but we hope to schedule further meetings face-to-face. 

You’ll find personal tutoring information here. Your tutor will explain this to you when you meet. 

How will I find out more about my programme?

For more information on your programme, including modules, and timetables, use this link for the programme catalogue.  

How will I get to know other students? 

Your induction week timetable is being designed so that there are opportunities to meet your course mates virtually, and where possible, face-to-face. You’ll also be able to join a number of LUU societies, and clubs.  You can visit the LUU home page to find out more about opportunities available through our Student Union. 

What welcome activities do you have planned to welcome me to the School of Geography? 

You’ll be given more information on this once the schedule is finalised. Our initial plan is to have both staff-led and student-led online interactive sessions, as well as informative sessions, and the opportunity for you to ask questions.

Are there any specialist software or systems that I need for my programme and where do I find out information about it?  

The majority of our teaching will be through Minerva, is a useful site to help with using Minerva. 

Certain modules use specific software and you will be taught how to use this software in those modules. 

What is the role of course representatives and how do I volunteer? 

You can help to improve the student academic experience by representing students on your course. You can represent students from your course in school meetings (and in other more informal settings) providing positive and constructive critical feedback to University and School staff. The role is a vital part of the communications channel between staff, students, and LUU. You would be expected to actively seek student opinion and ideas to share with School and University staff. You can put this feedback forward at a variety of meetings, and most often at the Student Staff Forum. 

If you’re interested, please email – 

Are there any societies I can join for the school/programme? 

Yes! you can join GeogSoc, who you will meet during induction week. You can find out more here 

Are there any peer mentoring schemes operating in my school?  

Yes, there’s a peer assisted learning scheme that we hope to run from October 2020. This is commonly known as PAL and more information will be provided in induction week. 

How will I be able to provide feedback on the delivery of my modules? 

Your course representative will take your feedback to the Student Staff Forums. These are twice a semester and enable us to make sure the modules are of the highest standard. It’s also an opportunity to provide positive feedback so that module leaders know what things work well, and could be incorporated into other modules. 

If feedback needs to be dealt with quickly you can speak directly to the module leader. 

How does assessment work on my programme and what support is provided with academic skills? 

The school has a Code of Practice on Assessment (CoPA) this will be shared with you during induction week. There are a variety of assessment methods used throughout your programmes. Each module leader will go though what the requirements are for each module.  

I’m a returning student:

How will my programme be delivered this year? 

Initially the majority of classes will be delivered online, however, we are hoping to deliver personal tutorial classes face-to-face, and as restrictions ease, we will increase the amount of face-to-face teaching on modules. 

How will my learning experience be different to last year?  

The most noticeable change to your learning experience will be the provision of online sessions in most, if not all of your modules. Social distancing means large group teaching on campus will not be possible for a large part of semester 1, and possibly into semester 2. Therefore, most of your face-to-face contact will, at least initially, be through small group sessions or one-to-one meetings with academic staff. In transitioning to this 'hybrid' delivery, we have been careful to build in the same opportunities to engage directly with academic staff, within and outside of formal teaching sessions, as you’re already used to having in the School of Geography. You’ll also be provided with formal and informal opportunities to interact with your peers as you previously have done in seminar, practical and lecture-based sessions. 

Links to additional schools resources 

There is a large amount of useful information on the School’s Minerva Organisation

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