School of Computing

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about starting your studies at the School of Computing. We’ve also included some helpful links at the bottom to direct you to anything else you might need.

If you’re a postgraduate researcher, find your faculty welcome and induction information to help you get started

What do I need to do before I arrive? 

Look out for information from the School and the University, including your IT username and password. You can then complete your online registration and module enrolment. The information we send will also help you be prepared for the start of the year and make sure you understand what might have changed due to COVID-19.  

How will practical or lab sessions be managed? 

Labs have been adapted to be delivered online and learning will be introduced on campus when it’s safe to do so. The same will also apply to on campus face-to-face learning. See your timetable on the UniLeeds App. 

Will I be required to attend face-to-face sessions?  

Mostly activities will be online, and face-to-face sessions will be conducted when it’s safe to do so. If you can’t attend these sessions for health concerns or travel restrictions, you can contact the School of Computing Student Support Office (often referred to as the SSO), by email

Where can I go for support?  

If you need support you can contact the School of Computing Student Support Office (SSO). The SSO staff are currently working remotely, so you’ll not be able to visit the office in person or contact them by telephone, they are only contactable by email ( and Microsoft Teams. They’re responsible for your care and will help you with any administrative processes. If you need academic support you can contact your personal tutor. 

How will I be able to provide feedback on the delivery of my modules? 

At the end of each module you’ll be asked to complete a short module survey. This survey is used to review modules on an annual basis.  

You can also talk to us at any point during the module - just contact the module leader directly. Alternatively, you can raise your concerns anonymously with the course representative.  

How will I have my say on my programme and school? 

The School has a course and school representative system. The role of a course representative is to represent students on the course at the School level. Course representatives attend the Student:Staff forum, who gather regularly to raise concerns and highlight best practice in the School.  

Also if you’re not happy with something or have a question you can speak to the module leader.  

I’m a New Student:

What does my induction timetable look like? 

You can view the induction timetable on The Leeds Uni App. The majority of your activities will be online. You will have online group work throughout the week. 

How will I meet my academic personal tutor? How will academic personal tutoring work? 

Before induction week you’ll be given a personal tutor and you’ll meet them, as well as other students online during induction week. Your tutor can answer any academic-related question throughout your semester. You’ll meet your tutor weekly to guide you through work that has been given in the tutorials. 

How will I find out more about my programme? 

Information about your programme is in the online Programme Catalogue. If you have questions about your programme speak to your personal tutor. 

How will I get to know other students? 

You’ll be allocated to a small group who are studying the same or a similar programme to you. You’ll have weekly group meetings with these students and they will become your colleagues. The School of Computing also has an online discussion platform where you can ask questions about anything you wish.

What welcome activities do you have planned to welcome me to the School of Computing? 

A range of welcome activities will take place online during induction week. Full details will be on the induction week timetable which will be available soon.

Are there any specialist software or systems that I need for my programme and where do I find out information about it?  

You’ll be provided with the software you need for your study. Most of the software is free and open source.  

What is the role of course representatives and how do I volunteer? 

Course representatives represent their course at the Student:Staff forum. Their job is to listen to their colleagues and raise any concerns.  

If you’d like to become a course rep, then please check your emails for an invitation for nomination. This will be sent during the start of the semester. You can nominate yourself. 

Are there any societies I can join for the school/programme? 

The School of Computing has a departmental Leeds University Union society called CompSoc. You can find out about it and have an opportunity to meet CompSoc ( during induction. 

Are there any peer mentoring schemes operating in my school?  

You will be allocated a personal tutor before induction. Your tutor will have students across all levels of study, these students will be part of your academic family and will be happy to support you. 

You can contact members of your academic family using Microsoft Teams.  

How does assessment work on my programme and what support is provided with academic skills? 

The modules on your programme have a set of learning outcomes. Assessments for each module have been designed for you to demonstrate these learning outcomes on their completion and they  contribute towards the programme learning outcomes. By the time you finish your programme you’ll demonstrate all of the programme learning outcomes across the modules you’ve studied. 

Across your modules you will be shown a number of technical skills and have the opportunity to develop academic skills. Your tutor and module staff will support the development of your academic skills. If you require additional support use Skills@Library support. 

I’m a Returning Student: 

How will my programme be delivered this year? 

This year module delivery may be different than in previous years. Modules will mainly be delivered online, as pre-recorded lectures or online seminars. When it’s safe to do so, we’ll introduce on-campus learning activities alongside the online delivery. 

How will my learning experience be different to last year?  

We’ve redesigned your programme to be appropriate for delivery online. Your studies may be different but still the same high-quality as in previous years. The main difference is that lectures have been replaced with pre-recorded video, directed reading or lab exercises and you’ll receive small group tutorials for most modules. 

Will I meet my academic personal tutor face-to-face? 

There are no immediate plans to organise face-to-face personal tutorials in semester 1. If you need support from your personal tutor, then you’ll be able to make an online appointment to discuss your concerns. 

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