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Here you’ll find everything you need to know about starting your studies at the School of Maths. We’ve also included some helpful links at the bottom to direct you to anything else you might need.

If you’re a postgraduate researcher, find your faculty welcome and induction information to help you get started

What do I need to do before I arrive?

Make sure you register and you’ve got all of your belongings with you – don’t forget your passport and acceptance letters!

Look out for a welcome letter which will be sent at the beginning of January (around the 6th of January)

What does my induction timetable look like?

Your induction timetable will be sent to you in January (around the 6th of January). There will be various online activities taking place each day, but you won’t be sat at your computer 9-5 each day!

How will I get to know other students?

There will be a chance within your personal tutor meeting to meet other students. You may also want to join MathSoc (the Maths Society) which will link you to other like-minded students in a social setting. We will also share links to other events happening within the University that will allow you to meet students outside of the School.

What welcome activities do you have planned to welcome me to the School of Maths?

There will be lots of online activities during induction week. Leeds University Union also have welcome activities planned for you.

Are there any societies I can join for the school/programme?

Yes, you can join MathSoc. Leeds University Union also have a range of different societies you can join.

Will I be required to attend face to face sessions?

Most of your modules will be taught online but there will potentially be face-to-face small group meetings where possible.

How will I meet my academic personal tutor? How will academic personal tutoring work?

You will meet your academic personal tutor via an online group chat with their other tutees in induction week or week 1 of teaching; this is likely to be on MS Teams or Collaborate and will allow you to meet other students and get to know your tutor. You can find information about your personal tutor on Leeds for Life.

How will I find out more about my programme?

You will have a specific programme talk during induction week where the programme leaders will give you lots of information about what to expect.

How will I have my say on my programme and school?

There are lots of ways to have your say and we want to hear you use your student voice!

There is the option to be a Course Representative and attend the Student Staff Forums where you will be able to speak to programme leaders and the Director of Student Education about your programmes. You will be the voice of your cohort for your programme, to raise any areas of improvement and help shape the courses by providing feedback for discussion.

Even if you are not a Course Rep, you can provide the Rep for your programme with feedback or queries that they can then take to the Forum to discuss.

You may also want to be a School Representative and sit on higher level meetings within the school to represent your peers, as well as working with LUU in the wider University setting.

Are there any specialist software or systems that I need for my programme and where do I find out information about it? 

The majority of our teaching will be taught via Minerva. Python, R and LaTeX are the main specialist software used in the School of Maths. You can find out more about this specialist software on Minerva, or by asking your Personal Tutor or Programme Manager.

You can find out how to navigate Minerva here

How will I be able to provide feedback on the delivery of my modules?

You should speak to your course representative who will collate feedback to take to the Student Staff Forums. These meetings happen twice a semester to enable us all to work together to ensure the modules are of the highest standard. It is also a good opportunity to provide positive feedback. This helps module leaders know what things work well and enables them to share these ideas with other colleagues who could incorporate them into their modules.

It is also acceptable to discuss directly with the module leader if the feedback needs to be dealt with quickly and cannot wait for the Student Staff Forums. If you have any concerns, you can also speak to the team in the Taught Student Office (

What is the role of course representatives and how do I volunteer?

  • You will help to improve the student academic experience by representing students on your course. You will be able to take feedback and questions to the Staff Student Forum, with the aim to improve your programme and the School of Maths as a whole. You will provide positive and constructive critical feedback to University and School staff. You will work in partnership to develop solutions where issues arise.
  • Your role is a vital part of the communications channel between staff, students, and LUU. 
  • You are expected to actively seek student opinion and ideas to share with School and University staff. You can put this feedback forward at a variety of meetings, and most often at the Student Staff Forum.

If you’re interested, please email –, or find more information through the Maths organisation on Minerva.

How does assessment work on my programme and what support is provided with academic skills?

The school has a Code of Practice on Assessment (CoPA) which will be shared with you during induction week. There are a variety of assessment methods used throughout your programmes. Each module leader will go though in detail what the requirements are for each module. You can also find plenty of information regarding assessment on the Maths Organisation in Minerva.

For academic skills support, you can speak with your personal tutor, and there is lots of academic skills training via skills@library.

Where can I go for support? 

You can find most answers to questions (and directions to support) on the Mathematics organisation in Minerva.

If you’re still unsure where to go for support, the best team to email is the Maths Taught Student Office ( The team is made up of Jenny Oakley, Ben Molzahn, Angela Hogg, Bobbie Horsfall and Imy Mahmud. It is best to use this email as the team are able to pick the emails up quicker than in their personal email accounts.

If you need support with your programme or academic work, you should contact your personal tutor in the first instance, and you may also want to speak to the Programme Leader too.

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