School of History

Welcome to the School of History! Here you will find everything you need to know about your studies. 

Make sure you read the ‘all students’ intro first – this covers things like tasks you need to complete before the start of term, safety procedures on your course and where to go for more information and support. 

Then scroll to the section that applies to you – ‘new student’ or ‘retuning student’. We’ve also included some helpful links at the bottom to direct you to anything else you might need. 

If you’re a postgraduate researcher, find your faculty welcome and induction information to help you get started

All students:

What do I need to do before I arrive? 

Please complete your online IT induction, registration, enrol for your modules and confirm your accommodation arrangements. 

Will I be required to attend face-to-face sessions? 

Further Information will be provided by the School closer to the start of term.

Where can I go for support?  

Your History Student Support Officers are Claire Morris and Rosie Darlington. You can contact them here 

For module enquiries in the School of History – 

For additional support feel free to contact: 

Deputy Director of Student Education – Dr Alan MacLeod (

Director of International History and Politics Programme – Dr Matthew Frank (

Director of Single Honours History Programme – Dr Kevin Linch (

Director of Joint Honours Programmes – Dr Pete Maw (

You can also approach your module tutors and academic personal tutors for any support or guidance that you need. 

It will initially be unlikely that on campus drop-ins will be available – but you can access support via email or by arranging meetings through e.g. Microsoft Teams. 

How will I have my say on my programme and school? 

You’ll have the opportunity to give feedback anonymously during your module. You can also feedback through your student representatives who manage and run the Staff Student Forum; they meet regularly each semester (students can volunteer to be reps themselves). 

You can also approach your tutor any time via email or during office hours. 

How will I be able to provide feedback on the delivery of my modules? 

We’re currently working on a method for feedback and will email this to you via Minerva.  

I’m a new student: 

What does my induction timetable look like? 

Your timetable will be emailed to you and will also appear in your student timetable via Minerva. 

How will I meet my academic personal tutor? How will academic personal tutoring work? 

You’ll have the opportunity to meet your personal tutor in induction week. There will also be individual meetings throughout the semester. Personal tutors will be in regular contact with you via email. Feel free to contact your personal tutor any time throughout the semester.  

How will I find out more about my programme?

You’ll find out more during your induction sessions, these will introduce you to the School and to the programme. You can also get the information on the programme from the programme catalogue and details of modules from the module catalogue. Information your modules can be found on Minerva. 

What welcome activities do you have planned to welcome me to School of History? 

You will be emailed details of welcome activities via Minerva. 

Are there any specialist software or systems that I need for my programme and where do I find out information about it?  

You can access Minerva, Collaborate, Outlook email/calendar, Teams and OneDrive, through your University account. You’ll be given guidance on these from the University and the School. 

What is the role of course representatives and how do I volunteer? 

Course representatives are important in representing your views in the School. Course reps are empowered to make positive student-led change to improve the student experience. The role involves liaising and feeding back to your peers and attending and participating in the Staff-Student Forum. 

Nominations for course reps will open at the beginning of induction week and elections take place within the first few weeks of semester 1.

Are there any societies I can join for the school/programme? 

You are encouraged to join the History Society and take part in events. It’s one of the largest and most active subject related societies in the LUU. Representatives of the History Society will be at induction week events and will organise their own programme throughout the academic year. 

Are there any peer mentoring schemes operating in my school?  

We’re introducing a new scheme this year, check the School website for more details. 

How does assessment work on my programme and what support is provided with academic skills? 

Different modules use different forms of assessment. They are set out in the module catalogue and will be explained by your tutors, who will give you full support for assessments and offer advice. Assessments are weighted and your final mark for all modules is a combination of all the marks for required assessments for that module. 

I’m a returning student: 

How will my programme be delivered this year? 

Further Information will be provided by the School closer to the start of term.


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