Life at Leeds | 29 October

“It is unacceptable for women at the University of Leeds and women in the Leeds community to feel unsafe, yet often they do. That fact must be unacceptable to men in our community.” Jeff Grabill, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Education. Have a read of the blog here.

With so much going on in the news and around us, this week’s newsletter covers ways you can look after your health and wellbeing. We also know it’s getting to the point in the year when money can get tight, so we have dropped in a few tips on how to manage your money and a couple of opportunities that can help you make some money.  

If you are concerned, or have a question, remember that our student information service is available online and in-person, on campus to help you get the answers and support you need. 

3 things to do next week to look after your health 

  1. Register with the doctor 

  1. Where to get help if you're not feeling well 

  1. Check your vaccinations are up to date, and find how get the correct jabs 

Help limit the spread of Covid:  Read the latest guidance, regularly get tested, wear a mask if you are asked to, and book a PCR test if you are showing symptoms 

Staying safe in Leeds  

We’re keen to do all we can to help you feel and be safer in Leeds. 

We’re working with LUU to understand what we can do to help you feel safer in Leeds and will be focusing on the positive action we can take to make this happen. To help us understand what matters to you, please take a few minutes to complete this survey being run by the School of Law.  

Remember, your voice in this is powerful. Your suggestions, ideas and thoughts of how we create a safer Leeds for everyone are essential for positive change to happen. We’re here and we will listen. Contact us at 

Share your views:

Check out the University’s draft values and tell us what you feel is strong, wrong, or missing. In July, over 3,000 members of our community came together to discuss what our shared values should be. Now it’s time to check and challenge the results in The Big Leeds Conversation – check your inbox from 1 November for your unique link to the survey. 


4 ways to make money while sharing your views: 

  1. Tell the World Universities Network about your experience of university during the pandemic for a £10 online shopping voucher. 

  1. Tell the Digital Education service about your experiences of using captions across our systems. In return, two students who complete the survey by 8 November will have a chance to win £100 each in high street vouchers.  

  1. Join our online research community to help shape and inspire future planning around the campus experience. You’ll need to complete a few tasks and questions over five days from Monday 8 November, which should take around 30 mins each day. In return, you will receive a £25 Giftpay voucher if you complete all the tasks. 

  1. Complete a survey about your time at uni and getting a job by 14 November and you'll have a chance to win £500 or one of 10 £50 runner-up prizes. 

Thinking ahead? These 3 opportunities may help... 


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