Newsletter sent on 17 February

Welcome to our latest student newsletter.  

This week, we have launched our 2020-2030 strategy, Universal Values, Global Change.  

The strategy sets out how we can work with others to play a leading role in tackling the global challenges. It is based on three overall themes – community, culture and impact. It will be supported by a strategic delivery plan, setting out how we will deliver the ambitions it sets out. 

In her latest piece, ‘A values-driven strategy for the next 10 years’, the Vice-Chancellor looks at the importance of collaboration to play a leading role in tackling global challenges facing our world and how our university community will make an impact. 

Last week, we wrote to you about financial support that is available to you. Here’s a reminder:  

Following the Government announcement on 2 February, the University has received an additional £300k to add to the student hardship fund. The new funding will allow us to support those of you who have been impacted by the pandemic, for example those in private accommodation struggling with rent costs (see below for help available if you are in University-allocated accommodation), loss of employment, or extra costs to access your teaching online.  

  • LUU’s Emergency Hardship Fund is available for those of you who are experiencing short term and immediate financial difficulties. Details of the types of things this can cover and how to apply are on the LUU website. 

  • Leeds Hardship Fund and International Hardship Fund are available to support those of you who may need longer term financial support. More details about eligibility and how to apply are on the Leeds Hardship Fund and International Leeds Hardship Fund pages. 

  • University allocated accommodation rent rebate extended to cover your rent payments until 8 March 2021. You will not be eligible to apply for this refund if you have remained in, or have returned to live in our accommodation between 11 January and 8 March. To apply for this extended refund, please complete this online form. In the meantime, it is important that you do not cancel your payment plan or direct debit – any future instalments will be adjusted accordingly.  

Are you in private owned accommodation and struggling financially? 

If you’re struggling with paying your rent, are facing unexpected costs, or have reduced income due to COVID we have hardship funds available to support you. 

If you have an immediate financial need our Emergency Hardship Fund can help you to cover short term costs, please contact   

If you have a longer-term financial need and won’t have enough funds to get you to the end of the academic session, the Leeds Hardship Fund & International Leeds Hardship Fund can help. Find out more. 

In other news… 

  • A small number of students in University accommodation have started a campaign for rent refunds and other concessions because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read our response here.  

  • We’ve asked you to sign up to Duo to help improve online security and to protect your account. 

  • The Library has limited bookable study space available for essential use only. Read about their service changes due to the latest lockdown. Their online enquiries are here to help — just ask! 

  • You can pick up your printing free of charge from Print and Copy Bureau (PCB). You will need to upload your printing requirements at When asked for a code, enter SILPSFAB and pick up your documents from PCB.   

  • There are also three MyPrint devices available in the Common Ground area of the Student Union building which you can use for your printing needs.    

  • A reminder to anyone travelling into the UK over the coming months to keep checking the rules on the UK government website, as these change regularly. Our travel and arrival pages have been updated in line with the latest changes by the end of 12 February.  Find out more about the new rules. If you have any questions about travel plans or support available, you can email  

  • LUU and Unipol have created a Facebook group for anyone with any concerns about housing under the name ‘Leeds House Hunting Group’. This is particularly aimed at anyone struggling to find people to live with for next academic year.  The group allows you to connect with like-minded housemates and find a place to live that you are happy and comfortable with! 

  • Struggling to access online learning? We have a limited number of loan laptops available for those of you who may be experiencing difficulties accessing the online or digital aspects of your learning. Please speak to your Academic Personal Tutor or your School Student Support team who can explore this further with you and help you get the support you need. 

  • We want to hear your thoughts on the University’s updated Health and Safety Policy. The policy sets out the responsibilities of everyone at the University and we want to make it as easy as possible to understand. Send in your feedback by Wednesday 10 March. 

  • The National Student Survey 2021 is live! If you are an undergraduate in your final year, make sure you have your say on your time at Leeds. It only takes 10 minutes and everyone completing online can enter a prize draw! It's confidential and the results will help future students decide where and what to study. 

  • Online workouts are now available on our Sport and Physical Activity website. The Your Home Your Move page will be updated with more videos and blog posts on staying active while at home. 

Stay Connected with our community 

  • Join our Global Community online socials to meet new people and take part in fun activities led by student ambassadors. Our Global Community activities are for all students. Socials take place every week throughout the year through Microsoft Teams. Join now using your email or use the join code loq5x6z by selecting ‘join or create a team’ at the bottom of your Teams list.  

  • Join the University of Leeds Facebook group for current student, follow @UoLStudents on Twitter or the University of Leeds Weibo and join LUU’s community Facebook group  

  • If you're in University accommodation, check out Residence Life to find your group chat and stay up to date with events and information