Newsletter sent to undergraduate and postgraduates on 9 October

Hello! As we approach the end of the second week of the semester, you may be looking for advice and support with your online learning. So, this week’s newsletter includes information and guidance on being an online learner, as well as how to access the software you need from anywhere. 

If you’re in Leeds, don’t forget that campus is open for you. There are a number spaces on campus where you can study, on your own or with friends (all socially distanced, of course). Just drop-in, bring along your device and a pair of headphones, and log onto the wifi to engage in your online learning. Or maybe use a study space to get together and discuss a topic you are studying as a group. If you prefer silent individual study, book a spot in one of the Libraries. The library team has also written this useful blog on using the libraries this year. 

From this week onwards, the University is sharing the number of positive covid-19 cases that have been reported by our students and staff. To ensure you get the help and support you need, we’ve included a reminder of how to report that you’re self-isolating or have tested positive for covid-19, and who else you should tell. We’re also pointing you towards all the resources, help and support that are available to you. 

Self-isolation support and guidance 

We’ve created a new section on our ‘For Students’ website, covering all the self-isolation advice and guidance we’ve previously shared. Within it, you’ll find advice on: 

Need further advice and guidance? Check out the updated guidance on our coronavirus website, this includes the number of cases among our staff and students. You can also email or contact LUU Help and Support for help and advice.  

Do you know how to get help in an emergency? If you’re unsure of who to contact in an emergency, and what you need to do, read through our advice on who to contact in an emergency. Bookmark it, write it down or save the numbers in your phone – please keep the numbers somewhere nearby so that you can access them if you or your friends need help in an emergency.  

Online learning support 

Most students will have a combination of online and face-to-face learning activities this year. To make sure you get the most out of your studies, it’s important that you feel confident with the systems you’re using and your own skills. Read our online learning support to discover what being an online learner means, how you can prepare for your online classes, and how to navigate the different online learning and virtual classroom systems that you may encounter during your studies. There’s also a list of all the different tools and applications you can use – take a look so you know what to use when and where to go for help if needed. 

Need to access software remotely? Use the Virtual Windows Desktop (VWD) to get access to the software you need to support your studies without needing to install it on your own laptop. The VWD lets you access a wide range of software (similar to that found in the computer clusters on campus) wherever you are and whenever you need it. Just log on to the VWD and click the AppsAnywhere link on the desktop. 

Get involved 

Whether you’re looking to make friends, or to widen your experience, there’s lots of ways to get involved... 

Don’t forget past editions of our newsletters are available online. We’ll be in touch again soon. Until then, stay safe and take care!  

Best wishes from the Student Communications Team