Where you live

This section has key information about practical issues relating to where you live, house hunting and guidance on support for relationships or behavioural difficulties that may be impacting you.

Where you live should be a place where you can relax, have space to study and feel safe.  Sometimes relationships within your home or surrounding area can negatively impact your emotional wellbeing which can also have a detrimental impact on your studies.  You may be a commuter student, living on campus or in a shared property or living in your family home with a partner and children.  Wherever you live, if difficulties arise, there is support available that can help. 

Finding accommodation 

This section contains key links If you are looking for accommodation to rent for yourself and friends, your family or you need emergency accommodation because something has happened.

House hunting 

Here are some key places to start if you need accommodation for yourself or your family. It covers information for students new to Leeds as well as returning students.

Emergency Accommodation

If you need to move from your current accommodation due to domestic abuse, feeling at risk, serious disrepair or financial reasons, there is help available.

  • If you are concerned about your safety where you currently live please get in touch with our Harassment and Misconduct team who can help, you can email reportandsupport@leeds.ac.uk or visit the Report and Support site
  • LUU Help and Support can provide advice if you have concerns about serious disrepair and whether it is safe to remain in your property and help if you are struggling with rent arrears and are at risk of being evicted.  


If you have problems with your University Residence 

This section contains key links for accessing information and support on a arrange of issues within your University Residence.  This includes help if you want to move accommodation, financial worries, or concerns about behaviour within your residence.  If you have concerns, it is important you access support as you may be responsible to still pay rent if you simply move out.

  • Support from the Residence life team is always available, whatever your concern is they can help talk it through and find a way to help.
  • LUU Help and Support can offer independent advice on a range of issues including if you want to leave your university accommodation, are struggling to pay the rent or guidance on what happens if you are notified of disciplinary action.
  • If something happens to you or you witness unacceptable behaviour towards others, the Harassment and Misconduct team can offer confidential support and guidance.  You can contact the team by emailing reportandsupport@leeds.ac.uk or you can make an report via Report and Support

If you have problems with your private accommodation 

This section gives you quick links to advice and support if you are experiencing difficulties in your rented accommodation.  This includes problems with disrepair, paying the rent or household disputes.

Here are some key sources of advice and support.

  • LUU Help and Support can help with many challenges you may have including getting repairs done, issues with deposits, utility bills and household disputes.  They can also help on provide help if you want to move out of your accommodation.  
  • If your landlord is part of the Code of Standards you can make a complaint to Unipol. Complaints can cover the condition of the property and concerns about the landlord.  Check if your landlord is part of the Code.

If you need any other support relating to your accommodation that isn’t covered here, please get in touch with the Student Information Service.