Support if you're suspected of academic misconduct

This section includes information about support available if you are suspected of academic misconduct during your time at Leeds.

What is Academic Misconduct

The university expects that all the work you do which includes all forms of assessments submitted and examinations taken, meet the university’s standard for Academic Integrity.  All forms of Academic Integrity are investigated through the Academic Misconduct Procedure.  This applies to all taught elements of your study, including undergraduate programmes, taught postgraduate study and taught elements of research degrees. 

These are the offences under the Academic Misconduct Procedure

  • Cheating in in-person University examinations
  • Plagiarism
  • Re-use of own work
  • Collusion
  • Fabricated Coursework
  • Assessment Malpractice
  • Grevious Academic Misconduct.

Full definitions of each of these are on the Academic Misconduct Procedure pages which also outlines the investigations process and potential penalties.

Support for you

The penalties can be very serious including a mark of 0 or possible exclusion from the University.  We appreciate therefore that being suspected of Academic Misconduct can be very stressful.  It can help to access support as soon as you are made aware of any allegations.   

  • You can access independent advice and support from LUU Help and Support team.  They are experienced in supporting students with responding to allegations and preparing for any possible Academic Misconduct  hearings. The LUU site shares information on how they can help and how to get in touch.  
  • It may help to talk through what is happening for you.  Student Counselling and Wellbeing team have a daily drop in service as well as 1:1 sessions available.  

Here is further information about Academic Misconduct