Fraud warning - rent payment scam

We have received reports that Chinese students in the UK are being approached on WeChat by criminals offering a fraudulent rent payment service. Students who have used this service have had their money stolen by the criminals.

The criminals deceive students by making contact unexpectedly and offering a way to get a discount on their rent payment. 

So be prepared - if someone offers this service, say no. 

What to expect

This is what the criminals do:

  • They may contact you in Mandarin or English
  • They may say they are from your accommodation provider
  • They tell you that if you use the service, you will receive a discount on your rent. 
  • They ask you to transfer the rental payment to them, minus the discount. 
  • They say they will pay the full amount of rent on your behalf. 
  • They pay the full rent and provide you with a receipt. 
  • They later cancel the payment, and you find out that your rent has not been paid and you have lost your money.

How to get support

Leeds University Union Help and Support can support you if

  • You have questions – no question is too big or too small
  • You want to check if a service or request for information is legitimate or fraudulent
  • You have experienced fraud