Classification Calculator

Our classification calculator is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet which you can use to estimate your final degree classification.

The calculator will tell you your average grade per year and your final overall average. 

Please note the classification calculator is for guidance only. There is no guarantee that the classification you will calculate by this method is the one which will be finally awarded. All marks and classifications must be confirmed by the Progression and Award Boards on behalf of Senate before they become final. 

For more information, see the Ordinance documents available on the University Ordinances webpage and Rules for Award webpage.

If you are having problems downloading or using the classification calculator you can contact the Assessment & Progress Team via the email address:

Versions of the calculator

There are five versions of the classification calculator; choose the one that corresponds to your award title:

Note: for Integrated Master and Master (first degree) which calculator you need to use will depend on whether your programme of study is classified over penultimate and final years only (Calculator 1), or Years 2, 3 and 4 (Calculator 2). For Integrated Master degrees with a study abroad variant which is not included in the classification average, Calculator 1 may be appropriate. Please check with your school first.

How to use the classification calculator 

  • If any of your marks are pre-2018/19 academic session and were awarded on the 20-90 marking scale, translate them to the 0-100 scale prior to inputting them.  See the Marking Scale webpage for information.  (If unsure of the marking scale please contact the teaching school for advice.)
  • Enter your results and credit values for each module in the blue-shaded boxes.