Transform Society Challenge Week

Leeds Transform Society Challenge Week – Community and Belonging at the University of Leeds

Last year, the University of Leeds launched the Transform Society Challenge in partnership with Transform Society. After a promising first run, Transform Society Challenge is returning for 2022. It will run from 4th November 2022 to 11th November 2022 and this year’s theme will be Community and Belonging at the University of Leeds.


Last year, the University of Leeds launched the Transform Society Challenge in partnership with Transform Society. Following the overwhelming success of the pilot event, this event will be held again this year. This year’s theme will be Community and Belonging at the University of Leeds, linking with conversations presently happening within the institution. This is your chance to work with other students from across the university to identify, address, and come up with a solution to an issue related to this year’s theme. You will be encouraged to consider what community means to you in the context of university and the workplace, and your role in shaping that. What are the similarities between community and belonging at university and the workplace? What are the differences? Who shapes and influences community and belonging? Do you have any say in it? What are the significances and impacts of these seemingly straightforward words?

Participants will be split into teams—comprised of various courses and year groups—and given the space to produce solutions to improve belonging and community. Within the theme, you’ll have the freedom to direct your focus, potentially addressing a variety of demographics. Throughout the week, you’ll prepare your solutions, informed by relevant statistics, pre-existing approaches to improving community and belonging, and your own experiences where relevant. These ideas will then be presented to a panel of judges on the final day.


The challenge aims to:

  • Provide you with the opportunity to collaborate with academics, alumni, external speakers, and other students.
  • Enable you to utilise skills that you are already developing in your degree programme.
  • Develop your transferable skills to boost employability, such as critical thinking, teamwork, time management, presentation, pitching, and more.
  • Support innovation and creativity whilst designing solutions to local problems.
  • Provide the opportunity to work with public sector organisations, particularly Frontline, Police: Now, Teach First, Unlocked, and NGDP.


The Challenge is running across a week (Friday 4th November to Friday 11th November). You’ll have the chance to attend scheduled events on five of those days, which will take place both in-person and online. The only compulsory days are Friday 4th and Friday 11th November.

Further information about the programme schedule can be found here.


To apply, please complete this application form by 11:59pm (23:59 hours) on Sunday 23rd October. Any applications submitted after 11:59pm (23:59 hours) will not be accepted. The form is comprised of questions about your course and year of study, allowing us to create groups with a variety of perspectives. Please apply by either submitting a 200-word statement or a 2-minute video to demonstrate why you want to take part. Please address the following points in your application:

  • Understanding of the programme objectives
  • How the programme will benefit you personally
  • How you will implement what you learn in your academic and/or professional career

If creating a video, please upload your video to Media Site and share the link with Sam Hunter ( Successful applicants will be notified by email on Monday 31st October.

Please note – if you haven't received an email by Tuesday 1st November, your application has been unsuccessful. Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to provide individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants.



How it will benefit them personallyHow they will implement what they learn in their academic and/or professional caree