Academic English courses and workshops

We provide free English language workshops and one-to-one consultations that you can take alongside your degree.

If you want to develop your confidence in using academic language, we run workshops and advice appointments that can help you to do this.

Independent English language learning support is also available at the Language Zone, which has free resources and activities to help you develop your language skills. The Language Zone can help you if you want to learn or develop your skills in English or in any other language. 

Undergraduate and Masters students


We provide free English language and academic writing workshops which you can attend alongside your degree. These workshops are part of the Skills@Library workshop programme and are open to all taught students. 

If you use English as a foreign or second language, the following workshops will help you to revise key language points and develop your confidence in writing clearly and successfully: 

  • Academic language: writing clear sentences
  • Academic Language: key grammar points
  • Academic Language: sentence to paragraph
  • Academic Language: developing your vocabulary 

Other workshops in the Skills@Library programme we would recommend are:

  • Writing skills for taught Masters
  • Planning your essay
  • Writing academically
  • Report writing
  • Critical thinking
  • Reading and note making
  • Structuring your essay
  • Developing an argument
  • Writing a literature review for your research project 
  • Revising and editing your work
  • Reflective writing

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Online resources

In addition to workshops, we have online materials that can help you with skills like writing essays and reports.

Access resources on the Skills@Library website

One-to-one appointments

You can request an appointment with a language teacher or learning adviser to get individual advice on your writing and course reading (support from a language teacher is only available during term-time). Find out what to expect from the appointment and what you can request.

We usually need two working days to prepare, although during busy periods you might need to wait longer for an appointment. 

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Discovery theme modules (undergraduate students only)

If you're an undergraduate student whose first language is not English (and you have not previously studied in an English-speaking country), you can choose to study one of the following modules to develop your skills:

  • English for Academic Study
  • English for Communication
  • English through Interpersonal Communication
  • Language through Literature and Place: Reading Yorkshire
  • Using Writing

You'll find these modules under the subject 'English Language Unit'. Find out more about Discovery theme modules

Postgraduate researchers

During your first year of study (pre-transfer and ideally in the first six months), you are able to study optional courses to help with your academic English language development. We offer Core Language Skills courses and workshops, and one-to-one writing consultations.

Core Language Skills workshops

These are one-off, two-hour sessions.

  • Grammar review A
  • Grammar review B (to be completed after Grammar review A)
  • Writing purposefully
  • Working with words
  • Becoming a doctoral researcher 
  • Reading critically to write critically
  • Reading to improve writing
  • What is proofreading?
  • Speaking about your research

Core Language Skills courses

These are six-week courses consisting of a weekly one-hour class and fortnightly individual writing consultations.

  • Academic Writing Skills course Level 1 
  • Academic Writing Skills course 2 (Science)
  • Academic Writing Skills course 2 (Arts)

    All courses and workshops are repeated throughout the year. 

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    One-to-one appointments

    You can request an appointment with an academic writing tutor to discuss a writing issue. 

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