Your accommodation

Arrange accommodation before you travel, know when you can move in and check what processes you’ll have to follow if you need to move into your accommodation before or after you’ve planned. 

Arrange where to stay before you travel 

Make sure you have arranged: 

  • permanent accommodation before you arrive.  

  • to arrive on your accommodation contract start date. 

The Accommodation website can give you more information on University accommodation available.

If you haven’t found permanent accommodation before you arrive in Leeds, it’s important that you have somewhere to stay on your first night. 

 If you want to find private accommodation, Unipol can help with your search.  

If you’re travelling with family

Check our accommodation for families page for advice on finding accommodation for you and your dependants before you arrive and find out more information about living in Leeds as an international family

When you can move into your accommodation

University Accommodation 

If you’ve booked to stay in university accommodation, be sure to arrive on your accommodation contract start date. You’ll need to complete your online accommodation induction to book a time slot to collect your keys and move into your accommodation. 

Private Accommodation 

If you’re staying in private accommodation, ask your private provider when you can arrive.  

In all cases, when you can move into your accommodation is one of the key points to consider when planning when to arrive in Leeds

Arriving earlier than expected 

University accommodation

If you have booked University of Leeds accommodation for the 2022/2023 academic year, you must arrive on your contract start date.

If you have organised travel arrangements to arrive in Leeds before the start of your accommodation contract, you will need to arrange somewhere to stay until you can move into your accommodation. 

Private accommodation

If you have booked private accommodation and wish to arrive earlier than your contract start date, you must contact your private provider directly to ask when you can arrive.

Arriving later than expected

If you arranged to collect your keys from University accommodation but your journey is delayed, contact the Accommodation team  to let them know about your plans. You can also contact the Accommodation team by phone on +44 (0)113 343 7777.
If you’re staying in private accommodation, make sure you know who to contact to let them know about your delayed arrival. 

In addition to this, check who else you might need to notify about your delayed arrival.

Don’t forget to also check: