Accessing the classic LeedsforLife platform

During transition there are three reasons why you might want to revisit the classic LeedsforLife platform. 

I am a Postgraduate (PGT) who started in January 2021 

As a PGT joining the University in January 2021 you are still able to access academic personal tutoring via the LeedsforLife platform until the end of your course. You can gain access using your university log in details.

You will also have access to new resources available via PebblePad. Please talk to your academic personal tutor to discuss whether you will continue to use the resources on the LeedsforLife platform or move to the LeedsforLife Workbook in PebblePad, where you can reflect on your experiences, even if you continue to have you academic personal tutor meetings on the LeedsforLife platform.  

I’d like to download information I have previously entered on to the LeedsforLife platform 

Whilst you will use PebblePad for academic personal tutoring from September 2021, you may want to access the information you have previously added to the LeedsforLife platform.  Guidance on how to download your academic personal tutor record, Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) and personal timeline are included below. Please note that as of 31st January 2022 you will no longer be able to access classic LeedsforLife so we would encourage you to save anything you consider relevant before this date. 

To download a record of your academic personal tutor tutorials:  

  • Select ‘dashboard’ on the left  

  • Select ‘view’ on the form you wish to view and download  

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green ‘download’ box  

  • The downloaded document will contain the contents of all the sections e.g., ‘reflection’, ‘your studies’ etc.  

To download your personal development timeline:  

  • Scroll down on dashboard / upcoming personal tutorials page to view personal development timeline  

  • Select the blue ‘export timeline’ box on the right-hand side of the screen  

To download your Higher Education Achievement Record:  

  • Select ‘Academic summary / HEAR’ from the left-hand menu  

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page  

  • Click the blue ‘download (PDF)’ box  

I am a member of staff who would like to create a reference for a personal tutee

As a member of staff you have access to the classic LeedsforLife platform until January 2022, at which point data will be archived. Access the classic platform by following the web link and log in using your University of Leeds username and password. The archive will be accessible for the next three years, allowing you to refer to previous personal tutee records and information previously held on the LeedsforLife system to write references for example. Further details will be provided in due course.