Telling us you are self-isolating or have tested positive for coronavirus

You will need to tell us if you are developing symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19), testing positive or are self-isolating so that we can help you get the support you need.

Who to tell if you are self-isolating 

Let your school know by completing the online absence notification available on Minerva – once you’ve logged in, click on the Student Services icon in the top right hand corner to find the form 

If, while self-isolating you develop symptoms, you will need to book a test. If the test proves positive, follow the advice below. 

Who to contact if you have tested positive for Covid-19 

  • If you have tested positive for covid-19 you will need to tell us through our reporting Covid webpage or emailing . Please continue to follow the guidance provided with your test result. 
  • If you live in University residences, complete the Residences reporting form so that we appropriate arrangements will be made to provide necessary pastoral and practical support. 
  • You should also contact your school by completing the online absence notification form available on Minerva – once you’ve logged in, click on the Student Services icon in the top right-hand corner to find the form. 

Who to tell if you’re Covid-19 test result has come back negative

If you experienced symptoms, took a covid test and received a negative result, then you will be free to return to normal when you feel well enough to do so. But if you were required to self-isolate as a close contact of a person who had tested positive, then a negative test result does not change the self-isolation period and you must continue to self-isolate. 

If live in University residences and you no longer need to self-isolate, contact to let them know. 

Got a question?

If you are unsure about what you can or can’t do while self-isolating and have any other questions, you can read through further self-isolating advice on our dedicated coronavirus website  

You can also contact our Student Information helpline by emailing or contact LUU’s Help and Support for confidential help and advice.