Looking after yourself and others when self-isolating

It’s important to look after your physical and mental health and stay connected with others while you’re self-isolating. There’s lots of help and support available while you’re self-isolating, whether you’re looking for practical help, advice, or someone to talk to. 

Confidential mental health and wellbeing support is offered by the University and other services. Counselling and Wellbeing Services are available online including 24-hour support from Togetherall

Find out about online activities and opportunities you can take part in to stay connected with communities on campus and in Leeds, and how you can make friends online at Leeds University Union welcome activities and see their specific help and support. You can also join the LUU Student Community Group on Facebook to get together with other students online.  

If you’re an international student our Link to Leeds Ambassadors are often available and you can live chat with them too.  

If you’re living in University accommodation, you can join the Facebook group for your residence and get to know others living in your residence. The Residence Life Team are also hosting a range of virtual events that you can join. 

Between 2020 and 2020, it was a legal requirement to self-isolate if you tested positive for COVID-19. Two of our students wrote a blog to help others, and provided tips. Although some of the information may not be legal requirements any more, you may find them useful to read.

  • Medical Sciences student Amir Saemi has written a helpful blog on his experience of self-isolating at Leeds.
  • Advertising and Design student Kendy Zeng has shared his tips and advice on what you can do when self-isolating.

Help if you have problems with others while self-isolating

We have guidelines for the University community on working together to stay safe which promote respect and care for each other and the wider community. If you experience any difficulties with people you live with, or your accommodation provider, or others, while you are self-isolating, please seek help. LUU Help and Support can give you confidential help and advice. If you are in University accommodation you can contact your Residence Life warden who is there to support you. If you feel harassed or if you experience/witness a hate incident, LUU Help and Support can help, and the University also has an online reporting form you can use to report anonymously and get support.