How to keep others safe if you're ill

Here are practical things you can do to  keep members of your household safe while you are self-isolating. 

  • Use a separate bathroom from others, if available. If a separate bathroom is not available, consider using a bathroom rota for washing or bathing. Make sure you use the facilities last, before thoroughly cleaning the bathroom. Use separate towels from others. 
  • Avoid using shared spaces such as kitchens when other people are present. Take your meals back to your room to eat. Wash crockery and cutlery by hand using detergent and warm water and dry them thoroughly, using a separate tea towel. 
  • Don’t share household items with other housemates.  
  • Keep more than 2 metres away from other people. If you must be closer than 2 metres, do this for periods of no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Don’t have visitors or leave your accommodation. 
  • Ask for deliveries to be left outside the door or check with your accommodation provider the arrangements for receiving deliveries while self-isolating. 
  • We advise that you wear face coverings when you are not in your student bedroom or when entering central communal spaces.
  •  All dirty laundry can be washed in the same load. If you do not have a washing machine, wait a further 72 hours after your self-isolation has ended when you can then take the laundry to a public launderette. 
  • Do not share towels, including hand towels and tea towels.