Getting food and essential supplies while self-isolating

If you need to self-isolate becuase you are poorly or have an inectious disease, here is some advice on how to get food and essential supplies.

Things you can do:

  • As soon as possible organise an online food delivery. It can take several days to get a supermarket delivery, so start early. You can find information about local online food delivery services on our Where to Buy Food and Equipment page and our article about online food shopping in Leeds.
  • Ask a friend who is not self-isolating if they can collect food and essential items for you. If you’re new, or don’t know anyone outside your household, contact LUU Help and Support for guidance.
  • There are lots of local businesses and alternative places to get online food deliveries in Leeds

There are a number of other ways you can access help, including our student information points and helpline. You can also contact LUU for help and support or find out more about the help available from LUU.