Systems for assessment

Turnitin and Gradescope are systems to ensure the credibility and integrity of your work.


This submission service allows you to submit assignments online and will also check for and detect plagiarism in any submissions. Turnitin is part of Minerva and your tutor will inform where the different assignment areas are for each of your modules. There is guidance available on the assignment submission process and you can watch a video of the different stages of submission. You can also access the eAssessment survival guide for helpful tips on using Turnitin.

As Turnitin will also check for plagiarism in your work, you may want to check out the Library’s guide on Academic integrity and plagiarism to make sure you understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.


Gradescope enables electronic submission and marking of a range of different assessment types. It is delivered by Turnitin so can be integrated with Minerva modules in the same way. Gradescope allows for the creation and submission of: 
•    handwritten responses 
•    typed responses 
•    STEM formulae and diagrams 
•    programming/code 
•    multiple choice 

It may also be used for paper-based assignments where you are required to supply answers that cannot be directly entered into a computer or device. There is guidance on Minerva on how to use Gradescope, as well as video guidance available on how to submit your work.