Hard of hearing resources

The majority of Central Teaching Space Rooms are fitted with Hard of Hearing (HoH) systems using either IR transmitters or induction loop systems.

If you are using a room with an IR transmitter you will need to use a Sennheiser IR receiver (see pictures below). To make arrangements to collect the receiver or to find out which rooms have HoH systems please contact the FD helpdesk on 0113 3435555 or eshelp@leeds.ac.uk.

General instructions for the Sennheiser Ri 150 Mono receiver, with the neck induction loop:

The receiver is worn around the neck like a necklace. The user then switches their hearing aid to the 'T' position and adjusts the volume on the receiver to a comfortable level. 

Please note - the battery will need to be replaced every few days depending on use. Arrangements will be made for replacing the battery on collection of the receiver.

General instructions for the Sennheiser Ri 150 Mono receiver Mono stethoset infrared receiver for use with infrared hearing or simultaneous translation systems:

The Sennheiser RI 150 stethoset receiver is worn on the ears with the body suspended under the chin (similar to a stethoscope). The receiver is lightweight and comfortable to wear even for long events. The user can adjust their own volume to a comfortable level by turning the wheel on the bottom of the receiver.


hearing aid


General instructions for using the induction loop systems:

In order to use the standard AFILS (Audio Frequency Induction Loop System) users simply need to switch their hearing aid to the T position. To identify which rooms have IR transmitters or Inductions loops, each room will have one of the signs below,or contact the helpdesk for further information.

Hearing signs



If you have any enquires or questions please call 0113 343 5555 or email eshelp@leeds.ac.uk.