Caring and Child Care

I am a Carer and an urgent caring issue has arisen, what do I do?

The normal expectation is for 100% attendance, but we recognise there can be emergency situations where you may not to be able to attend e.g. child care arrangements falling through, illness, caring responsibilities etc. If this is the case you should contact Student Education Reception on 0113 343 7234 who will be able to advise you on what you should do depending on your circumstances. You will also need to remember to self-certify via Minerva (the new Portal).
If you do have childcare or caring responsibilities it may be useful to contact the Student Support Team to alert them to this fact so they can make local arrangements to help support you with these responsibilities and your studies.  You are under no obligation to alert the University to these responsibilities, but please be aware that the University cannot put measures in place to support you unless they know about your situation.
Child Care emergencies
There may be times when your child care arrangements fall through at short notice. In some circumstances, Bright Beginnings childcare centre may be able to provide emergency support for you; for example in the event of their regular childcare provider being ill, or for students who need to take examinations and have no other childcare cover, however we cannot guarantee this.
You should not normally bring your child with you into any public teaching and research areas – such as lecture theatres, seminar or teaching rooms, laboratories or shared work spaces – and so you will need to make arrangements for the care of your child whilst you are in these locations.
See the University of Leeds Policy on support for students who are parents or carers.