Celebrating excellence

We may be biased, but we are justifiably proud of the achievements of all of our students and our graduates. We get great feedback every year from students who have graduated and report back about how they are doing (many of whom come back to teach on the course!). We see incredible performance – during in-course assessment, at end of year exams, in projects and external work. One of the real pleasures for me is receiving emails from NHS staff and patients who continue to be impressed by our students, both during the year and at exam time.

To reflect this, we have altered our approach to how we award prizes within the course. These used to be based around end of year exams, but we have extended this to reflect outstanding achievements throughout the course. Prizes are awarded for academic success, innovation, research, service development, ethics/legal practice and excellence during clinical placements. Some of these prizes ask for a special submission which are judged by panels of staff or ask you to make a ‘dragons den’ type group presentation (e.g. for IDEALS prizes). We are also keen to support students in showing off this excellence – e.g. through conference presentations, publicity, academic papers.

We make the award of MBChB (with Honours) to students who show sustained achievement and excellence across the whole programme of study.