Setting Standards

Students often ask why there seems to be a delay between sitting the exam and getting results, and why ‘other medical schools do it much more quickly’. Our simple answer to this is ‘Quality’. A lot of in-course assessment and end of year exams generate a huge amount of material – which needs checking, scanning, marking and cross checking (and for some components, second marking). For end of year exams, we undertake a lot of statistical analysis to make sure the exams are fair, that there is no error or difference due to time of exam, which group you were in or where the exam was held (e.g. for our OSCEs).

These results are then reviewed by exam committees and boards (including external examiners). Only then are the results released – so please try to be patient with us. We’re not holding results back from you!

We understand that for a small number of students, things don’t go well and you may be required to resit the exam and/or year of study. Academic and support staff are here to guide you – both in dealing with the impact of the result and in looking ahead, learning from the feedback and planning for success when you are re-examined. Lots of dedicated support is provided as part of remediation – from staff here at the medical school, within the wider University (e.g. if problems with exam anxiety) and in clinical placements.

What to do if there is a problem

If problems arise, we can help you better if you let us know as soon as possible. We understand that problems can arise on the day of assessments too – so don’t panic, but get in touch with the L&T office by phone if you can’t make it in person (L&T Office reception 0113 3437234 09-00hrs to 17-00hrs Mon-Friday, excluding University holidays)