Criminal Convictions

If a medical student is convicted of a criminal offence then the University will take a most serious view of this and will investigate its background after due process of the law is complete. Crimes involving violence or threat of violence, abuse of others, dishonesty, indecency, harassment, theft, drug dealing or crimes of a sexual nature are incompatible with becoming a doctor.

In exceptional cases involving very serious allegations, suspension from the School of Medicine may be necessary prior to a verdict being reached in a court of law.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the University and the School of Medicine if they have been charged or convicted of any offence. Remember that cautions, speeding/driving points and fixed penalty notices will be treated in the same way as criminal convictions and put on your criminal record (DBS) form which will be searched on multiple occasions throughout your course. You cannot avoid this. There is no such thing as a “spent conviction or caution” when an enhanced search for a potential criminal record is done and this will be performed when you apply for any medical post. If in doubt let the school know of any problems with the law.

Please be aware that cautions will be highlighted on your DBS check. Never agree to accept a caution without independent legal representation.