Leeds to New York 2016

In June 2016, in collaboration with our alumni and a leadership development organisation, Common Purpose, we delivered an exciting and innovative opportunity for our students - The Leeds to New York Student Leadership Programme.

The Leeds to New York student leadership programme combines theory, innovative practice and hands-on experience.  In Leeds the students connected with leading academics and City business leaders.  In America they connected with New York based Leeds Alumni to investigate a specific challenge as part of the programme: What makes a city smart?. 

The 17 student participants spent time focusing on the two cities, exploring the key leadership challenges faced by business, community and culture.  It was an opportunity to engage with Leeds alumni in New York, learn about leadership in different sectors and cultures, and develop leadership, communication and networking skills.  At the end of the week in New York, the students made their recommendations in response to the Challenge, which they presented to representatives from New York alumni, the University, Leeds City Council and community leaders.

Hear from the some of the students who participated in the programme:

'It inspired me to apply for the Year in Industry scheme which I had not considered before.'

'I am currently applying for graduate schemes across the country.  To be able to draw on my experiences in New York and use the trip as an example in interview situations has been invaluable... one key theme that comes up throughout the application processes is that of leadership.  I have been asked numerous times to describe my leadership style.  Before the programme I didn’t have a clear idea of how I lead teams and how those skills could be changed and developed.  I would now feel confident leading in most situations, whether that be from the front or from the back. I can go in to interviews with a confidence that has come from the tests we were presented with throughout the programme.'

Picture of the Leeds to New York participantsLeeds to New York group of 2016