Harassment and Assault

I have experienced inappropriate behaviour, harassment, assault or discomfort. Who should I speak to?

The School takes these matters seriously and will act to support affected students. The University of Leeds has a dignity and mutual respect policy https://equality.leeds.ac.uk/support-and-resources/bullying-and-harassment/. Also see https://tinyurl.com/UoLassaultabusefor more information. All staff and students have the right to ask a person to stop behaving in a manner which is insulting, degrading or offensive to them. If you want to report an incident that contravenes this policy whether or not you are the person directly involved, there are six main routes to doing this:-
1. Via your personal tutor. You may wish to contact them directly or discuss in a personal tutoring session.
2. Via the School’s Student Support team (somstudentsupport@leeds.ac.uk)
3. Via the Freedom to Speak Up Guardians (medfsug@leeds.ac.ukor text Carly 07541207279 or Robina 07541 207278). They provide an independent, objective, confidential and alternative route for students to speak up.
4. Via the University’s Student Support Services http://bit.ly/UOLstudentwellbeing 
5. Via the LUU Student Advice Centre. They also have a confidential chat line during term-time. More information can be found via this link: 
6. The University’s Anonymous Reporting system – access via https://tinyurl.com/UoLassaultabuse  
More information 
For sexual assault and violence other sources of support and advice in Leeds are:

West Yorkshire Police (sexual assault and domestic violence): www.westyorkshire.police.uk/help-advice/sexual-assaultswww.westyorkshire.police.uk/domesticviolence