Progress, Attendance, Leave, Mitigation

Who do I contact if I am aware of an issue that may impact upon my progress, attendance or may require temporary leave?

Each programme has key staff with an in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations of the University and School of Medicine, who can assist you in managing issues that may impact directly on your ability to progress e.g. having a significant health issue, needing time out from the programme, academic under-performance or getting a police caution or criminal record. Arrangements are slightly different in MBChB compared to other courses:
MBChB - Please contact the Associate Director of Progress for your academic year. If you’re not sure who to speak to or would like advice before contacting your ADP please contact
Other School of Medicine Courses - Please contact your Programme Lead or Administrator, or check Key Contacts for your course.

Does the School make allowance for poor performance as a consequence of circumstances beyond my control?

‘Mitigating circumstances’ refer to events which could not reasonably have been predicted or prevented and which might have had a significant effect on your academic work e.g. illness and accidents, being the victim of crime, and family problems such as the death or illness of a close relative. 
Application for consideration of mitigating circumstances should be made before assessment and is never considered after assessment results have been published. See this link for more information.