We are continually trying to improve the student experience and your opinion is therefore very important.  It is very hard to improve the programme without your feedback.  We know that you request more feedback on your performance and we are continually looking for more opportunities to do this for you.  We therefore expect you to reciprocate and complete your evaluation forms as part of being a self-directed independent learner.

At the end of the ICU you will be asked to complete a questionnaire to indicate the extent of your satisfaction with various aspects of the ICU and to add any written comments you may wish to make.  Your comments are carefully considered by the ICU Team, especially when planning the ICU for the next academic session. The evaluations also form part of the formal quality review of the ICU and MBChB Programme which is considered by the School Taught Student Education Committee. 

We collect feedback from you after placements and use it carefully to improve aspects of the MBChB programme.  We also share feedback with placement providers to encourage good practice and to improve clinical placements. Placement providers also find your comments invaluable for rewarding good practice and to support staff in providing evidence for revalidation and appraisal.  

To allow the School to send your feedback to placement providers in a timely fashion there is a deadline by which you need to complete your evaluation.  You will receive your placement questionnaire approximately two weeks before the end of the placement and have a further two weeks after the placement ends to complete it (i.e. a total of four weeks in which to complete your placement evaluation and return it to us).  

In Years 3, 4 and 5 submitting your placement feedback forms part of your final professionalism assessment and your Head of Year will follow-up non-responders.

A Clinical Placement Reporting Tool has been established as part of our ongoing support for students on clinical placements. 

Both the School of Medicine and Medical Student Representative Committee are aware that on some clinical placements students have experiences where clinical staff have demonstrated unprofessional behaviour. These events are rare, but we think it's very important that you have a means of reporting them to us.

Something which is much more common is that you have an especially good experience on placement and this tool gives you a means of commending good practice about staff who "go the extra mile" or make you experience especially valuable.

These reporting tools can be found at https://students.leeds.ac.uk/info/1000043/school_of_medicine_placements/1499/clinical_placement_reporting_tool