School of Medicine Plagiarism

If you have been accused of plagiarism, you may seek advice and support from a member of staff - the most appropriate people to approach would be your personal tutor and the Academic Sub Dean for your MBChB year or your Programme Manager.

The School of Medicine fully supports the official University of Leeds policy and practice on plagiarism as detailed at the Student Cases Service website  and departs from them only when the specific nature of the MBChB requires it (for example, adapting the recommended penatlies to suit the grade scheme used in the non-modular MBChB).

Two brief guides have been written, one for students and one for staff, and these can be downloaded from the links below.


You should be aware that although the University of Leeds does not recognise the concept of "self plagiarism", it is an offence to resubmit work which you have previously submitted for academic credit on this or any other course. If it is necessary to include material you have previously submitted, you must get permission in advance. The duplicated material will not normally contrubte towards your grade but will count towards your word count.


Fabrication of results, case reports or any other material is regarded as an exceptionally severe offence and will always result in referral to the Health & Conduct Committee. Students who have fabricated documents should expect to be required to withdraw permanaently from the MBChB.

Students should be aware that any offences of malpractice in assessment including, but not limited to, plagiarism, resubmission and fabrication will be reported to the GMC prior to graduation. It is not anticipated that this will, on its own, create a barrier to registration.