UoL disciplinary regulations

Medical Students are bound, as are all registered students of the University by the Regulations of the University. However, Medical students have additional responsibilities and these may be taken into account in the determination of any penalties imposed.

Section 7 of the Taught Students Handbook contains the regulations in relation to offences, including; riotous or disorderly behaviour, wilful or negligent damage to University property or the property of others on University premises, serious interference with any aspect of the work of other members or employees of the University, and conduct likely to bring the University into disrepute. Disorderly behaviour may include such incidents as injury or threats to the person or extreme nuisance. Minor offences may be dealt with summarily and penalties range from a reprimand to exclusion for a specified time. Penalties for serious offences, or other offences not dealt with summarily, range from a fine to expulsion from the University.