Training Plan

A training plan must be completed, signed and dated by the apprentice, their employer, and the University (as the training provider) before the apprenticeship can start.  

The training plan (formerly known as commitment statement) summarises the obligations of the University, the employer and apprentice. It sets out:  

  • the planned content and schedule for training; 
  • what is expected and offered by the employer, the University and the apprentice; and 
  • how to resolve queries or complaints. 

The training plan must be signed by each party and is retained by the University as part of the evidence pack for each apprentice.  

Updates to the training plan

The training plan needs to be updated with relevant information as soon as it is known, and this must be done for the duration of the apprenticeship. For example, adding details of the End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO), subcontrator details or to record a break in learning. 

The employer, apprentice and University must all hold accurate and up-to-date, signed copies of the training plan. The dates recorded on the training plan should match the dates recorded in the Individual Learner Record (ILR) of the apprentice.      

Tripartite meetings

The training plan can be used during tripartite review meetings to monitor progress, check responsibilities are being met, and to assess impact and achievements.